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  1. EasyT

    [COD MW2] No dedicated servers or PB

    60,000 lost sales x $60= $3.6 million (not sure where you was buying it as i live in the uk but wallmart in usa are doing pre order for 35 bucks) peanuts from 14 million sales and the potential they will get from charging to play online with the new system if you think 80 thousand makes any difference to their sales think again as for consoles well erm i would never play a game like this on console anyway so i dont need to say i would never buy it on console only reason i allow a console in my home is because i have 4, 8 and a 17 year old children consoles suck scrotum for playing games like this
  2. EasyT

    [COD MW2] No dedicated servers or PB

    its a sad sad day but lets not fool ourselves here the 80 thousand and rising pettitioners and the cancelled orders yes its a big chunk of change to loose but cod4 sold 14 million copies do you think even if all 80 thousand cancelled their pre orders it would make any difference? they will make tenfold that amount when they start to charge for online play like xbox 360 live thats where this is heading maybee not with this release but its where cod is going the large amount of pc gamers will not hear about this in time to cancel their orders the ones who dont play in clans the ones who have all 5 cod so far and want the 6th etc etc etc they will still sell a hell of alot of pc versions due to this they dont care about us one bit its buisness they care about money thats all
  3. EasyT

    Welcome Back 2009

    well done to all that have made this possible and thank you everyone involved for your continued work
  4. yay you made it :0)

  5. EasyT

    Welcome Back .. Take 2

    thanks for all your hard work guys
  6. EasyT

    Anti-Cheat Patent

    hmmm date is relevant how?? oh yeah all ac sites have been using his patent for 1 year :P if it is legal then i wouldnt be making too much noise about it tbh and hope he has forgoten about it too i dont know if it is legal or not but all i say is if you like me dont know then dont draw attention to this 6 year old aplication and hope the guy has moved on, as it could cost ac sites a lot of money if his patent is legal and being infringed :P:p
  7. :D trimming down :D lol i like it
  8. EasyT

    hey all

    hello all i had orders to come register :lol: so here i am :lol:

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