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  1. Hell, I stopped purchasing their garbage after reluctantly purchasing WaW. I have never purchased any of their products since. Our group fell apart after that and the demise of AA 2. Spent the money on far more worthwhile things and games as well and have never looked back.
  2. I find it easier to not waste my money on hosting servers for people that wish to abuse. This is the reason I no longer am a steaming admin. Man, have my views changed over the years....
  3. People keep on buying this garbage and wonder why nothing changes... :fryingpan:
  4. Already played it some but it certainly is not the game I came to love and hate.
  5. Two things Taz... ? :rolleyes:
  6. Was trying to decide on if I wanted this game. I am still on the fence but enjoy Sniper Elite so might. I saw it on sale for preorder but decided to wait.
  7. This is one reason I continue to support Tripwire. I was not all that impressed with the new version of RO but played tons in the first version. Killing Floor is another that I get a lot of play from and all have involved custom content. I cannot speak of the color modification for BF3 because I don't use it. I can see the point though, its user side modification and not server controlled. I even played a lot of custom content in the COD series as mush as those games annoy me, not so much the game but the players and their attitudes. Sadly its not the games causing that. Have not gotten into t
  8. From what I have seen in my own work life; if their an idiot and can't do the job then lets promote them... I am sure its not always the case but have seen it more times then not. It really is sad as I used to support EA but I simply have no more tolerance for stupid. None.
  9. Yea, bought all the expansions for BF2... What did I get, well some gaming but what I cannot forgive is later they gave everything away for free while those of us that followed and kept getting the next expansions got screwed. At least Tripwire gave us money off the next version of Red Orchestra and they support their community. As a matter of fact, I still play the original version especially with custom content from the community. I have every BF game made but wont be going down this road. :lol-risa-226:
  10. Sad. But people keep on buying and playing the COD Series. Just a reflection of today and priorities I suppose. :fighting0050:
  11. Its a damn shame they will stop supporting the 2.0 series in support for this crap they released on 3.0 I can't believe that this is the route thats best but its a new era I suppost. They might as well make it another MW3 game... Oh thats right, they already have. Damn console garbage! :angry:
  12. His perspective is "Gimme more of your money while we provide less...." You will be happy and love this wonderful half built game although we will hit you up later for a bit more half completed DLC... Now whose got the BF2 server running...?
  13. Stupid question... Can you actually fly with a joystick in this version? Last time, and I do mean the LAST time I played BC2 you couldn't fly worth crap.
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