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  1. Wamphyri

    Server IP Change

    Ahhh, simple as that ay. Sorry for my stupidity!! :blink: Thanks Fozzer. :)
  2. Hi, my host changed my server IP and I have been a little busy the last few days so have not got round to notifying anyone here. Consequently my server has been deactivated because it was not streaming and my status revoked. If an admin could assist in reactivating my server on the new IP I would be very grateful. Old IP - New IP - Server - =}SP{= Clan Killzone RD DM Many thanks!! :)
  3. Wamphyri

    PB INIT Failure ???

    I realise this thread is a bit old now & you quite probably have already solved your problem but I'll post this anyhow!! :P I had one of our clan members with exactly the same problem and after trying many things the only way we could fix it was to delete the sof2mp.cfg file from the games main directory and any subsequent mod folders, forcing the game to create new ones upon restarting. This fixed the PB issue but unfortunately also removes any names, binds, etc that you may have set up and returns all settings to default. Drastic I know, but it worked!! ;)
  4. Wamphyri

    PB INIT Failure ???

    LoL, no worries. Hope it works!! ;)
  5. Wamphyri

    PB INIT Failure ???

    Hey Tim, Cookie, Neville, -=S8N=- and I were having exactly the same problem. I saw you get kicked from our servers but you didn't come back so i could help. We all had to download PBSetup.exe from Evenbalance and run a manual update. Once we had done this we were good to go. Hope you get it sorted mate!! ;)
  6. Wamphyri

    SOF 2 Hacker

    Upload the PBSS via your account manager and provided your server was streaming at the time they were take they will be added to the MBI. ;)
  7. Wamphyri

    cvar violation

    LoL, whoops!! Missed that!!
  8. Wamphyri

    cvar violation

    Its possible he may have run a server from his machine at some point in time which is why the command would be there. Though why he would want people to run around at that speed is beyond me!! :lol:
  9. WOW i think i smell something funny.......OOOHHHH it's kangaroooooo as.. damn shoulda known...LOL


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