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  1. evilzombie

    Welcome Back 2009

    :jam: No more MPI withdrawals Thanks for stickin with it fellas :)
  2. evilzombie

    PunkBuster coming to Wolfenstein

    Sweet , can't wait B)
  3. evilzombie

    Spoofed GUIDS

    Since this is a public forum could I please have my full 32 character guid removed from the original post please. Thank You. Also thanks for clearing this issue up & removing the spoofed bans :)
  4. evilzombie

    My Miniature pincher just had a puppy

    It's whats for dinner :o
  5. evilzombie

    Pbbans new logo

    Looks familiar :blink:
  6. evilzombie


    //---[ demo record toggle]--------------------------------//By pressing this key (F12) you can toggle a demo ON/OFF //================================================================================ ================================= set demoon "autorecord; echo ^6Recording Demo ^7 is now ^2ON; set demor vstr demooff" set demooff "stoprecord; echo ^6Recording Demo ^7 is now ^1OFF; set demor vstr demoon" set demor "vstr demoon" bind "F12" "vstr demor" works for ET not sure about COD4 but both are same engine so logic says yes.
  7. evilzombie


    Sit by the phone & wait for my care.
  8. evilzombie

    What is considered a hack?

    Read some of the info here.. http://4newbies.planetwolfenstein.gamespy.com/tweaking.htm Look at the various league configs, see what they limit http://www.antman.info/wolf/etpro/index.ph...=serverconfigs/ CVAR Definitions http://www.rtcw.jolt.co.uk/content/enemy_t...list/index.html
  9. evilzombie

    PunkBuster coming to Battlefield Heroes

    beta key sign ups open http://www.battlefield-heroes.com/news/bat...beta-key-signup
  10. evilzombie

    Happy Birthday!

    Christ everwhere i go Baz somebody wishing you a happy Birthday. Not sure why these people even like you :P sign of old age brother :blink:
  11. evilzombie

    Can a player not be skilled anymore?

    Cheater :o ;)
  12. evilzombie

    Coder Needed

    Wolf Interactive Media Group (WIMG) is a group of people & websites geared towards the development of the Wolfenstein multi-player competitive community in North America. This includes the most recent title's in the series which are Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory & the upcoming Wolfenstein. Our list of current projects include.. Evil Territory League - Providing a competitive arena for teams. Operated & maintained by zOMBie, eZe & *Evil* Clan. http://evilterritory.com Wolfenstein Central - Community Portal providing competition scene news, coverage & social networking. Operated & maintained by Solanum Project.(zOMBie & Virus) http://wolfenstein-central.info FPS-Radio - Providing live shoutcast coverage of scene matches. Operated & maintained by Rocky & Mistaken http://fps-radio.info Configs-X - Providing a central location for players to store & trade player, server & league configs. Various game tweaks, scripts & cvar explanations. Operated & maintained by rabb & staff. http://configsx.com We are also looking to add one more site to our family of sites for clansite design which will provide both free & extended services as well as tutorials & links to various resources which would aide clans & teams in developing & maintaining there own personal website. Currently we are seeking a website coder to join us as a final partner. We are firmly secure in the layout & design department we just need to add one more person proficient in php & sql to aide in the development in our group of sites. As it stands right now, everybody involved is strictly on a voluntary basis & we receive no revenue for our service although the possibility is certainly there & we are currently seeking financial backing. Most of us do what we do because we thoroughly enjoy our community & enjoy investing in it. The candidate we are seeking must be proficient in at least php & sql. Must be friendly, mature, trustworthy & be willing to volunteer a few hours making minor adjustments to the websites in their current state & an hour or 2 a week if needed maintaining them. Candidate would also be responsible for aiding in setting up & maintain clansite design website & contributing to any projects there. Candidate would stand to inherit a percentage of the revenue with the rest being invested back into the community & development of the rest of the group of websites. Candidate would be considered full partner in WIMG. If you are qualified & are interested in this position, please contact zOMBie at one of the following.... [email protected] xfire- gdevol #IRC Channels on Quakenet #evilterritory #wolf-central #fps-radio
  13. evilzombie


    Oh theres plenty it's just bloated. Like Blackwolf said, stick with earlier releases
  14. evilzombie


    In all honesty JayMod is a much better mod. The coding is alot better,it's way more configurable & runs much smoother. It has tons of bells & whistles that don't seem to have an ill effect. It gets a bad rap from hardcore etpro players because of this. Most server admins that run it crank the noobometer to full but it can actually be run to almost mirror etpro.
  15. evilzombie

    Prune feature for forums

    ROFL well those serve as reminders as to what happens to morons. BTW I love the Thats great :D

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