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  1. Thanks surfy! :-)

  2. Happy birthday :)

  3. Merlintime

    Server don

    You will need to apply for a team account. Please read our Streaming Application Requirements prior to submitting your application.
  4. Merlintime

    Server Blacklisted?

    Our policy is if a server IP is found on the MPi (regardless when it was discovered), that IP is blacklisted and streaming isn't allowed for that IP. That is the bottom line. Nothing more to argue. You are not being singled out. The rules applies to everyone.
  5. Merlintime

    Reactivating account?

    Excellent job! Server streaming, forum status updated.
  6. Merlintime

    Reactivating account?

    You may want to check on the server. It's been approved but has not started streaming. Streaming is usually instantaneous if the server has been configured correctly.
  7. Merlintime

    Reactivating account?

    No need to request activation. Once the server you've added has been approved and it's configured correctly for streaming, the Team account will then be active. Forum status will be auto updated (the process usually runs every few hours).
  8. Merlintime

    Help with streaming

    Forum upgrade to SGA status is normally an automated process which only runs at certain intervals. Shouldn't take too long.
  9. Merlintime

    Please clean my ggc/gv ban

    The ban was issued on a valid Punkbuster/PBBans md5 scan violation and will remain on the MBi. The best recommendation is buy games from a valid retailer/reseller.
  10. Merlintime

    Please clean my ggc/gv ban

    The GUID (d96cf343) was used to cheat. You'll need to contact GGC to request changes to their GUID data. PBBans MPi data will not be modified to remove your link to the banned GUID.
  11. Merlintime

    remove old account

    Duplicate accounts are not removed but instead disabled.
  12. Merlintime

    Clan Tag already in used

    When it comes to a Team Account application, Clan Tags are considered first come first serve. A slight modification may be needed ( Example =VGQC=. ) to get the application submitted. It will not be necessary to completely change your Clan Tags to submit an application. Clans are asked to keep their Team Account updated if there is a drastic change in the Clan Tag.
  13. Merlintime

    Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare 1.0 Final

    This type of excellent MOD is something CODMW2 will never get to experience since Infinity Ward cut out dedicated servers thus cutting out the modding community. Thumbs up to the Black Monkey development team. Look forward to some games on this mod! I've set up my COD4 server with this mod for a now ( ). I'm sure there will be many more. :)
  14. Merlintime

    already approved

    Previously you requested to be removed from the Team Account for which you had applied. http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=94880&st=0&gopid=254716entry254716 You should now be able to submit a new application. Prior to submitting a new Team Account application, please review the Streaming Application Requirements along with the PBBans Terms of Service.
  15. It's been some time since I've dealt with TWL COD4 match configs however, I believe the personal greetings and ban announcements are to be disabled while the server has the TWL configs enable for match mode. When setting up the server for a match the league config may disable announcements. When the match is over you need to run the commands which will set your server back to public mode (if that is what you want). Again, it's been some time since I've used the TWL configs so things may have changed.

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