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  1. Just rename the bf3_pbbans.dat to pbbans.dat and issue the pb_sv_banload command.( I used PROCON Console=>Punkbuster tab)...!! The message 6779 bans loaded from xxxxxxx will appear to verify the integration of the above list.
  2. bk73

    Black pbss shot in BF3.

    So way I'm getting black screens taken from ppls, that I have suspicions on them.!! All the other pbss are fine except on 2-3 specific players, I'm tracking now.!!
  3. bk73

    Black pbss shot in BF3.

    I've got only one querry for now. The pbss black screen what does it mean in BF3?It's the same as it was in BF2142 (problem with vista)? It's amazing the number of cheaters in BF3. In a 32 slot server, I saw 15 ppls being banned during 1 hour play..!!
  4. bk73

    GUIDTracker for Punkbuster Games

    Thanks m8. I'll pm to u my email..!! Thanks again...!!
  5. bk73

    GUIDTracker for Punkbuster Games

    GUI Tracker is no longer working...!!Amazing tool..!
  6. bk73

    Battlerecorder Files..!

    No I dont use Demo Analyzer. When checked the BR files, It was crystal clear that 2 players where using aimbot. I've banned them from our server and after a few days, when I checked the PBBANS, I saw their names listed, in the Master Ban Index. It's really pathetic to use a hack in a dying game. I hope BF3 wont be rage by cheaters in the first day of it's release. Really interesting about streaming to the GGC. I'll check it more thoroughly, in the next few days. Thanks for the info everyone.
  7. bk73

    Battlerecorder Files..!

    Thanks Fozzer for your quick replay.
  8. Just one simple question. Do u accept battlerecorder files as proof for cheating. When I checked some players, 2 of them were clearly(crystal clear) aimbotting.!
  9. bk73

    Possible Hacker..!

    4 days now I'm coming across a player called removed in the BLOODSTEEL server (actually I see him 15min ago tonight). Just one shot and your dead. He's playing with assault, but always know where re u. I was using support with the mini UAV to see, how he reacts. I was going to the left, he was waiting. Suddenly I was changing my direction , almost the same time he was changing his position. After he was jumped from one building (almost instant), one shoot and u re dead. But the suspicious thing is his id. Outside the game when the list of the players comes out I can see removed, inside the game his id is removed||*. Is he a HACKER?

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