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  1. Hopefully, TitanFall doesn't turn into TitanFail....
  2. Agreed SuperTaz. I still think nothing compares to the ease and playability of the old Battlefield Vietnam. Anyone could jump into a jet, chopper or tank and use it without having to sit down for hours practicing how to look out of a 3 inch window. A lot less complex, heaps more fun and how much you spent on a 'gaming' machine didn't dictate who sat up the top of the leaderboard. Given all the problems (still ongoing) with BC2 and BF3, as well as, my absolute hate of Origin, I don't think I'll waste my money on BF4. Sad, but that's how I feel at the moment.
  3. Never happen here in Australia. Worse still, they charge us for our uploads, as well as, our downloads and it all comes off your monthly bandwidth allotment (mine is 500GB but I have to share it between 4 people).
  4. Purchased this game a while ago as part of a Steam pack offer but have never played it partly due to my dislike of the first RO (didn't like the aiming, reloading or graphics). Might dust it off and play it sometime.
  5. Forget the wall, why not just use a 3D helmet system where turning your head, turns your body in game as well. Better surround sound, better visuals and less wall space required.
  6. You guys are lucky - Steam is charging us double over here - $9.99. Geo-locational charging is so wrong for a digital product.
  7. Hmmm, not sure I'd call them "reasonable". $US45 for COD:BO (over 2 years old now) and COD:MW2 (over 3 years old now) seems a steep to me. I picked up COD4 for $AS10 in a well known games shop last year (think I've played it twice since then) so I can't see how Steam can justify $US25 seeing the game is over 5 years old now (that's like ancient in the software world). Come to think of it, the Xmas sales on Steam this year aren't all that great, unlike previous years. Maybe I'm just more particular in what I part with my cash for these days....
  8. Titan Quest is a fantastic co-op game. I liked Metro2033 as well but the story was too short I thought. Warhammer 40K is good too as is Company of Heroes.
  9. Yep, I agree, fantastic single player game. I'm over wasting money on multi-player games like BF/COD etc., because they all turn into hack-fests sooner or later even with Punkbuster and PBBans. Rather spend my money on a great single player/coop game like Max or Borderlands 2. I've picked up Rage and I Am Alive recently on the Steam sales. Well worth the money I paid for them.
  10. I let the domain name lapse a few days ago. Not sure if I'll renew it or not as I haven't been playing (or using GUIDTracker) much of late.
  11. GUIDTracker Developer

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