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  1. Eric_Everhard

    PBBans Hub Turns Two

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Keep up the good work! Cheers Eric www.gunsandasses.com
  2. Nice server bro'!

  3. Eric_Everhard

    Upcoming Maintenance

    Good luck and keep up the good work! ;)
  4. Eric_Everhard

    Even Balance, Inc., Statement on Recent Bans

    I agree with spindiggy. At the moment we are tracking some players that we know are cheating and have not been caught yet. Those were too cocky and exposed themselves on our server. This is why we also joined PBBans recently. We noticed some very unusual gameplay over the last 2/3 month and scores, kill/death ratios became unusual high in BF2142. Also i noticed that normal gameplay comes back, however my "gut" feeling tells me that punkbuster discovered just a tip of the ice berg... What happened about the idea that a guid ban was linked to the serial number of your cpu (and /or mac address) by the way? kind regards, eric
  5. Probably a noobish question but i still cant find the answer for it :blink: .... How do i upload the pbsvuser.cfg (for the md5 check) to a BF2142 ranked server without FTP? Those servers are runned by EA trusted partners like www.i3d.nl Could anybody give me a link where to find the answer? This noob would be grateful :rolleyes:

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