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  1. Forces(UK)

    [Griffin] Sniperbot is a hacker !

    AHAHAH, but no, seriously; I read the whole thing and admired the restraint showed by the staff, as well as the tenacity and unabashed resilience of OP. Please don't take my post in anything other than the good-natured spirit in which I assure you it was intended.
  2. Forces(UK)

    [Griffin] Sniperbot is a hacker !

    Haven't laughed so much at a thread in a gaming forum this year. Thanks to all who posted.
  3. Forces(UK)

    "The biggest snitch in Battlefield"!

    Cheats will go to any lengths to try and convince the world that they're not losers ...and the world will always just laugh in their faces. Way back in April 2008 when someone used a hack while name-spoofing my solider (to try and get me in trouble), I realised that these people put more effort into lying and being a pain in the 4ss than most people ever invest in normal gaming. There is simply no good reason to bother with all that BS to be honest. Conclusion: They are mentally ill. ...Hey, that makes me think: Maybe the message that cheats see when they get kicked should have a freephone number where they can seek counselling? :D (edit for spelling)
  4. Forces(UK)

    Signature Length

    Helpful thread. I was just having similar trouble. My stats are due to be repaired after the next 2142 update, but it's been SOOO long coming now, I tried to edit my sig to that effect, and got the same error as OP.
  5. Forces(UK)

    New Forums

    New forums look nice!
  6. Forces(UK)

    question about ss

    If you want a 3rd party opinion, I also concur that the screen shot appears to be 100% clean. If the player in question is using a gamehack, then it is not one which affects what appears on his screen. If you or one of your admins plays the game and doesn't see those flag markers, try pressing the Alt key, which toggles that extra info. Cheers.
  7. Forces(UK)

    How do I spectate suspicious players?

    I think the admin has to enable this option too (or at least I think they have the power to disable it) because it doesn't seem to work on all servers.
  8. Forces(UK)

    Ideas for the future

    I could understand if you were to say "Stat padding is not a form of cheating that we are set up to address or police here" ...but saying that it is "not cheating" is saying more than can be said without violating the meaning of the word "cheating" as it is normally used. I am quite happy about the forthcoming Battlefield 2142 update, because after it is released I have been told I can expect to see the damage to my stats repaired, after my account was hacked. This is important to me because like pretty much any fair-minded person, I feel compelled to see stat-padding as cheating, as it is breaking the rules that all players have agreed to when they installed the game and made an account, and because it is gaining an unfair advantage over players who play by the rules ...and I do not want to be lumped in with that crowd.
  9. Forces(UK)

    Welcome Back 2009

    I'll never forget RodeoBob personally replying to me on a Sunday to put my mind at rest after someone name-spoofed me a long time ago. I'm very glad indeed that pbbans has been able to survive the stupid pointless attack from cowards who like using fake skill to ruin normal people's fun. Anyone who bashes pbbans doesn't have a true understanding of what it's about. Long live pbbans!
  10. Forces(UK)


    I bet the problem is due to your firewall or anti-virus software. I sometimes get the same problem as you if I forget to put my anti-spyware software into "gamer mode" before I play ...it thinks that the communication from PB is some sort of malicious attack, and so it blocks it, giving rise to a service communication failure.
  11. Forces(UK)

    Top Team With The Most Bans

    The third most banned team is called "Elemental Forces". I saw that and I was like "Oh noes! They be takin my name!" :o
  12. Forces(UK)

    "The biggest snitch in Battlefield"!

    Thank you posters. I shall! :D Just might need to keep an aerosol handy...
  13. I'm soooooooooo proud of my new title! :) Personally I think that you guys here at PBBans do far more to help clean up the game than me, but still, if the cheating community wants to pay me such a compliment simply for reporting a few of them to EA/DICE, then I'll take that. :lol: Noobtube code = owvuXLdf2Hg (note the youtube channel name is "punkbustersux" :rolleyes: )
  14. Forces(UK)

    gun visibility on hi res in COD4

    OK, my original question has been thoroughly and rigorously addressed. madkarma by now almost certainly will have realised that he placed a (local) ban without having proper evidence or wrongdoing. Unless anyone has anything else to add, I guess the lock fairy can flutter along any time she feels like it... :)

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