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  1. +1 :ban: Nop, I was looking at him close. And I feel the same! Why not kick a wana be supporter of the hacking community of this fantastic site. And as Sufy said. As I will now, (Look forward to seeing you on the Master Ban List soon young man.)
  2. You've got issues mate. Why in gods name would you want to become a hacker? All because they hack, you think its only fair to cheat too? Your as low as a cheater in my eyes. And I know I speak for the majority of people here on PBBans too. And why you constantly keep researching how insecure Punk Buster is? And why you continue to try and make out streaming is useless? And TBH, it seems like your trying to get up peoples ares. What's your problem with streaming servers? PBBans is not the only (Anti-Cheat) community. And if a server is streaming to all AC providers available. Then the more secure the servers are. So stop your whining and negativity and put your research to some 'practical' use. Now go research for a clan that streams a BF2142 server to at least 4 AC community's. Then you will have fair play! Have a nice day.
  3. That's why players join clans. And it helps to join a clan that has knowledgeable admins running it. If they are knowledgeable admins, they'd look into "Game Server Security & Protection Against Cheaters". And stream here. Join a clan that streams to few Anti-Cheat Community's. Happy gaming! MHS
  4. There are 5,193 streaming out of a total of 5,862 servers. I'd say you should join a clan! Look out for |PBBHub| and a greeting to you. Most streaming servers have greetings enabled. That's one way of known your on a streaming server. Also, check the good servers websites out. They will most likely have a link or banner on there site to say they stream to PBB or another AC sites/service... PBB streaming servers are the servers you should play on. PBBans uses enforced bans on players whom were caught cheating and whom are on our MBI, (Master Ban Index.) These cheaters cant join a streaming server. This makes your game play much more enjoyable. And FYI, streaming does not cause lag. So my advice is; if your a player? Then join a clan that streams to Anti-Cheat Community's such as this one. If your a server admin? Then request help to set you up with streaming. There's no point in whining about a service you know nothing about how it actually works. Take the time to ask questions before making judgemental assumptions. The war against cheaters will never end. It will always be us against them in a battle for fair play. What would you prefer us to do? Nothing?
  5. MHS

    GameHacks Developers

    Mate, with all respect, with an attitude like yours. How do you expect to combat cheaters? Your not even streaming to PBBans. are you? What other AC sites do you stream too? What do you know about AC sites/services that they offer and how they work? If you don't even stream your servers to anti-cheat organisations. How do you expect to have a clean server? Ask to set your server up to stream. Otherwise I see no point why you've posted it here... What do you want PBBans to do for you if you don't even believe in our system?
  6. I don't know where you got your information from! But you're very wrong. I have had a server unstreamed for about 4 months. I bitched and whined about cheaters and the fact PunkBuster do nothing to help us to ban hackers with more effective methods. I was told by PBBans admins and staff to set my server up to stream; to keep known hackers and cheaters off my server by using their enforced bans feature. I've since had a clean server for a long time now! And thanks to PBB for there efforts to combat these cheaters with their own enforced methods. Do your self a favour and ask admins how streaming works and why you should stream here? Ask how it benefits your server? If a cheater whom is on the PBB MBI for cheating and if he/she tries to join your server. He'll be blocked and denied access. So to say: Your very wrong. Ask for advice my friend, rather than ranting about a system you may-not seem to fully understand how it works. :)
  7. MHS

    How is the PC running for you? Any problems??? Let me know if you need me again. :)

  8. MHS

    modded server

  9. MHS

    New Server "Pending"

    PBBans have to follow integrity checks on new account submissions. There investigations into new account submissions may take longer than normal. (This is for everyone's security.) It may take longer than usual for them to activate you. Sit tight...
  10. MHS


    Hence the date in the quote above. :blink:
  11. MHS


    Last I heard, your not like Duality, and don't have a reputation for blowing things. Good luck with the installation buddy. Hope it all goes well!
  12. MHS

    Thanks for the comments on the topic, was nice of you! :)


  13. MHS

    banned for killing too much allies

    I can only assume your joining servers that don't like you. ;) The message your getting can not be the same on every server! You where only banned locally on the server above, and every server is likely to have a completely different ban reason. What's your ban reasons on other servers? (Specifically) Your simply trying to join servers your already banned from. Join a different one. :)
  14. MHS

    Happy Birthday RodeoBob

    Happy birthday -- I made you a birthday card. :D :o :P
  15. MHS

    Changing a clan...

    http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showforum=349 :)

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