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  1. Yepper, things are constantly popping up and interfering with the fun!!! :(

  2. Live

    Battlefield 3

    Surfy, I have to agree with you 100%. There's still an underlying issue though with the frostbite engine and the setup for BC2 though that has an effect that has nothing to do with the end user. It lies somewhere in between and has been talked about in the BC2 forums by DICE themselves on occassion. Butt, I hear ya and I loved BF2 as well and got into it late which is/was a shame. I really do hope that BF3 is the updated BF2 that we're all hoping for but I've chosen to be the negative turd this time around so I'm not getting let down. :rolleyes: On a happier note, it was awesome to run into you on your server and start seeing and chatting with friends again. Got a resounding notion in the back of my mind to start up a non-profit GSP (community without being a clan) and being able to host everything from most games to most voips in locations all around the world. I miss helping peeps out but I don't want to work for some company that don't care (which is more than do care) and don't want to run another for profit company and tie myself down. This has been something that I was going to do with LPGS originally. Hoping something along this line would help out a great many plus communities like this. I'll bring this up in it's own thread though so as to not derail this one.
  3. Live

    Battlefield 3

    Thanks, been awhile I know! :) Your part of a very exclusive group. I almost never had lag as a provider nor as a player until the mid 20's server patch and it went gangbuster from there for all providers from the correspondence between everyone. Sadly I already envision the massive failure BF3 since so many are talking it up (DICE and EA included) just the same as BC2 went. Not six months ago the majority on these forums were outright bashing BC2 left and right. Amazing what short memory quite a few have. Again, you may have been one of the lucky ones but I know as your previous provider that some within your group had issues and big ones at that. I rarely had issues until around July/August of 2010 and things quickly went sour from there for myself personally. I have a great rig, great ISP, and of course, great servers at the time but still managed to lag like mad. :scratchchin: I just hope those of you who are hyping this up don't get yourself too involved in the propaganda and find this to be another let down.
  4. Live

    Battlefield 3

    Same engine as BC2 and MOH = lag, lag, lag Homefront made promises as well (dedicated servers released around 2 weeks after the game launch) = well beyond that and no sign of them yet Black Ops made promises about dedicated servers and pulled the wool over everyone's eyes with their shenanigans. MW2 pulled the wool over everyone's eyes as well. Point is, they all lie and love that each and everyone of us post, rant, or basically advertise their overpriced smut for free on their behalf. I won't buy the bullshit that is being fed on a silver spoon by these hypocrites anymore. :o
  5. I'm here to post this since I've asked the Staff of PBBANS to remove my old threads in relation to LPGS. Some things aren't nearly as smooth or what I expected and as such I didn't want anyone to believe that I still owned it or have any responsibility in regards to the company. Basically family life was the biggest concern for our sale and I have lost enough valuable time with my family and neglected them to a great extent to ensure the best customer satisfaction possible. There are several long stories associated with these events but I'll save that autobiography from boring anyone to death ;) I wish you all the best that are there currently and I do truly hope things maintain as they were or get better than when I was running the show for you. Sadly I've witnessed some things already that lead to doubts on my part for that but I do think the effort will be made on their part to see fit that customers are still the number one concern hopefully. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything. I'll have a fair bit more time to be useful in the Anti Cheat/Server Admin fields once again. Thanks to all the customers past, present, and future for such an outstanding experience and your support. The word of mouth advertising from individuals/clans/etc. was absolutely overwhelming. I can't thank you enough for allowing me the opportunity to serve you for a short time and for you to experience what I believe all hosts should provide whether it's game, voice, dedicated servers, website hosting, etc. Thanks, Andy/Live^
  6. Live


    So report them to those who can or will do something about it. Already been stated that nothing will happen here, no sense in arguing that fact.
  7. Live

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    Thanks and I'm sure if they're given sometime they'll get everything in order soon enough. :)
  8. Live

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    It is a shame bud and I apologize that things went this way. I never wanted to see anything go sour and I really am disheartened. I've since fixed all TS3 issues and those should hopefully be all over with now. Good luck to you and your guys and your future endeavors my friend.
  9. Live

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    I jumped on TS with the LPGS guys Drifter and have fixed that all up so you should be back in business now. I'll also be asking if I can look into your TF2 server and see if I can lend a helping hand as well. Hopefully I'll be able to help get you all squared away as well as others. Well it looks like more issues were caused after the fact again. I'll be back to work on this yet again...
  10. Live

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    They certainly have a few good screwups happening right now. I fixed the Atlanta TS3 issue for them this morning after a botched license change. Germany is still down and waiting on Teamspeak/Triton for a solution to that problem. Good reason why I always had backups and backups of backups. You should be rocking and rolling hopefully yet today though well likely tomorrow morning in your time zone.
  11. Live

    Low Ping Game Servers Sold

    Trevor is but James isn't. I don't know how much longer Trevor will be though.
  12. Live

    Very funny BC2 video

    Sorry, some vulgar language if I recall. Sorry, some vulgar language if I recall.
  13. You could also rent your server from one of many different providers who offer free website hosting along with the server rental ;) I happen to know of one in particular :scratchchin:
  14. Live

    PunkBuster coming to All Points Bulletin

    Hoping Black Ops but that won't happen :rolleyes:
  15. Live


    Gotcha wrapped around her finger huh? Yeah, sadly I know and experience the same thing... :( Especially when it comes to fishing, hunting, or any other activity besides shopping for a new purse or shoes... OK, I'm dead now! Good to hear that you guys are picking up another bud!
  16. Live


    We definitely have this game to offer! Also, this new beta rocks! Anyone who had second thoughts after the initial beta really needs to wipe the slate clean and check this game out. It has PB, PBBANS will be supporting it, and best of all you can get it cheap as dirt through me without hassle. It won't satisfy those that want a recorder but if you ask me, that's pretty minor considering the crap that Black Ops has become. Our pre orders will be gone the day of release and right now you can get up to 24 slots at a whopping $.71 per slot with the coupon code monthly. This isn't a long term commitment to get the pricing so low and we don't have gimmicks or strings attached that it's limited to certain locations only for that price.
  17. Live

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    I love it but I don't get to play it much. The only times I ever actually turn it on are when a customer has a question so I have a great excuse to go check things out lol! :lol:
  18. Live

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    +1 for the begger but seriously for boycotting another lame game :D
  19. Live

    Can a Ranked server . . .

    There is a set policy as far as completely removing a kit or a role, etc. However, moderation within reason isn't completely frowned upon such as limiting teams to 4 snipers each. I would believe that limiting gustavs to two per team or something similar wouldn't particularily create a problem but your best to post specifics on EA's forums to get a firm response.
  20. For a limited time we're introducing the Call of Duty Black Ops Pre-Order Bonanza! From now through August 31st, we're offering Call of Duty Black Ops at $.75 per slot plus 5% off for a quarterly order, 10% off semi-annually, 15% off annually, 20% biennially, and 25% trienially. On top of this we're also offering an additional 10% any order placed for semi-annually or longer using coupon code "codbo" without the quotes. This means you could order a 32 slot server for a year at the unbelievable price of only $220.32 which is only $.57 per slot then!!! Free 10 slot TS3 and webhosting are still included as well! Dedicated servers, mod tools, console, and numerous other facts have been presented and with this we're proud to say this will be the game of the year! Get your in order now to capitalize and to ensure your up and running on release with the best hardware, best prices, and best support! The Pre-Order can be found here, http://billing.lowpinggameservers.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=476 Thanks, Low Ping Game Servers
  21. Ditto, same as mw2...
  22. Live

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    There is a drastic difference there though MaydaX. There are quite a few providers for both BC2 and the upcoming MOH. This at least offers some choice and creates competition which is exactly what a monopoly destroys. Either way, now that GS has hit their gold mine with Activision, I'd like to see EA kick them to the curb and let the rest of the industry pick it up at the least and form our niche. I've spoken with a couple providers that are very serious about the monopoly or antitrust factors that have displayed. We have several meetings and interactions with attorneys and one former Chairman of the FTC tomorrow. I was pleasantly surprised by the eagerness of some of my fellow competitors to band together and form this consortium of sorts. Only time will tell if we're dreaming by taking on multi-million dollar companies in a court case.
  23. Live

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Please forward your Antitrust/Monopoly statements to [email protected] Good source of information on the Sherman Antitrust Act http://www.justice.gov/atr/public/divisionmanual/chapter2.pdf I also believe that this is in violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act but that is only civil whereas the Sherman Antitrust Act would make it a criminal complaint and force the Government's involvement. The more of you that pass this along to clan members, friends, family, etc. the better the chances that things get looked into.
  24. Here is the email address to send one off and fight for this. [email protected] I do believe it violates the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Federal Trade Commission Act. Awefully funny that you should mention that MaydaX as that is exactly the complaint I forwarded to the DOJ this morning and I've planted the seed amongst a number of providers to start a consortium amongst us to retain counsel collectively and have this reversed. This is a clear cut case of a monopoly as only one company has the ability to offer this across not only multiple States but it is a world wide pandimonium as well. However, in the end, all those that stated they wouldn't support mw2...look what they did. I sincerely doubt I'll be able to get anywhere and if there isn't enough interest to seriously pursue this interest from other Providers whether they are small or large (I doubt many of us will get along long enough to determine who is going to shell out what...) then I'll be dropping it at the end of next week. I'm willing to put $5,000 in the kitty to retain counsel and seek a legal injunction. I wonder how much that would impact this if it were able to suspend the PC market release based on that. http://www.justice.gov/atr/public/divisionmanual/chapter2.pdf

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