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  1. LINUX TUTORIAL - PUNKBUSTER PUNKBUSTER INSTALLATION & UPDATE MIT RUN-DATEI Rechtevergebung Nach dem Download der pbsetup.run m
  2. @ [PBSTAFF]Stuart Good job! Special greetings to the "german side" of PunkBuster-Team, to Hendrik! ... and to the rest, too! :) regards n1o
  3. n1o

    Hub Downtime

    Checking .... [pbbanshub-message]***PBBANS-HUB NEEDED***[/pbbanshub-message] Checking donation .... [n1o-donation]***DONE***[/n1o-donation] Status .... [pbbanshub-message]***PAID***[/pbbanshub-message] :D n1o
  4. @ deathrabbit Was ist "GC"? Stelle deine Frage richtig, dann werde ich dir helfen. Benutzt du andere ACC zum Streamen? ("deathrabbit" ist ein alter Name, von den FivePoints, ja, zu den "FivePointers" geh
  5. @ PBBANS CORE (and all in the world) Thank you very much indeed, PBBANS! I wish all a HAPPY XMAS. n1o
  6. n1o

    Call of Duty 7

    Activision Announces Call Of Duty 4 Part II Modern Warfare 2: World At War Again In its seemingly never-ending mission to confuse gamers, Activision has recently confirmed that Infinity Ward is hard at work on the sequel to its 2007 best seller, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, simply titled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Why the number 4 has apparently been dropped is unknown, although we can speculate it's because Activision doesn't like the idea of having two numbers in one game title. To make matters worse, some sites and gamers are propagating that this game should be called Ca
  7. n1o


    @ All Additionally, for curious people, here an introduction: The developer diary of Josh "JD_2020" Olin @ ign.com n1o
  8. My favorite: Notepad++ Supported languages: - Normal text file (*.txt) - C source file (*.c) - C++ source file (*.h;*.hpp;*.hxx;*.ccp;*.cxx;*.cc) - Java source file (*.java) - Windows Resource file (*.rc) - C# source file (*.cs) - Total Command Language file (*.tcl) - Assembly language source file (*.asm) - Hyper Text Markup Language file (*.html;*.htm) - JavaScript file (*.js) - PHP Hypertext Preprocessor file (*.php;*.php3;*.phtml) - Visual Basic file (*.vb;*.vbs) - Structured Query Language file (*.sql) - Perl source file (*.pl;*.pm) - Python file (*.py) - Pascal
  9. n1o

    Call of Duty 7

    @ All ***CONFIRMED!*** Activision Blizzard acknowledged the "Call of Duty" series will move forward yet again... According to MTV, Call of Duty 6 is now known as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and is slated to arrive in fall 2009. As previously revealed, series creator and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare veteran Infinity Ward will return for the latest entry. No details on the game were released. Game Info (Part 6) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Release Date: TBA 2009 Genre: Action Developer: Infinity Ward Publisher: Activision Blizzard Source: www.shacknews.co
  10. @ All The details: "Server Authentication Failure" will be fixed FPS are shown again (/cg_drawfps) Recordfunction will be activated again (very important for all ACCs) Colored names can be shown again An error when reaching a prestige-level will be fixed Coop-server will be shown in the browser in better way Name-tag will be shown through walls, when the player has been hit -> will be fixed Bluescreen when quitting will be fixed Source: Community-Manager Treyarch (JD_2020) n1o
  11. @ All Contents (CoDWW_Stock_Images.zip): Loadscreens (original) MP - Minimaps (original) VWAR (edited) Download (7.52 mb): http://pbbans.team-rex.net/CoDWW_Stock_Images.zip n1o
  12. @ All The Linux files are now for examination with Activision and already the Patch 1.1 integrated. Like for a long time we now again to wait must are with Activision and probably likewise because of progress the development of Patch 1.2. Who is Ryan C. Gordon? Ryan C. Gordon, also known as icculus, is the one responsible for creating native Linux and Macintosh ports for a number of different popular games on the market. Some of the games he has worked on have included the Unreal 200X series, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, America's Army, Postal 1/2, Battlefield 1942 and Seriou
  13. All maps (console) & gametypes in alphabetical order: n1o
  14. @ SuperTaz Call of Duty: World at War - server.cfg:
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