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  1. PBStaff_Stuart

    [Bad Company 2]Public Aimbot and Wallhack

    Honestly I have yet to see a actual free aimbot for BC2. All of the ones we have claiming to be so are key stealers and trojans.
  2. PBStaff_Stuart

    AIMBOT 50104

    Before the latest round of AIMBOT kicks (mid Jan2009), there was an issue we had where someone with the same key as a hacker could get a kick. That has been resolved so that pretty much only the original cheater will get a kick now.
  3. PBStaff_Stuart

    AIMBOT 50104

    Just wanted to give you a heads up.. NO, they are not bad violations. Those are all hackers. A lot of hackers.. one of the private sites was getting a bit big, so I took a chunk out of em.
  4. PBStaff_Stuart

    Disallowed Program/Driver [120057]

    I pulled this kick.. looks like at least one AV program is hooking SoF2 and causing it. Back to the drawing board...
  5. PBStaff_Stuart

    Disallowed Program/Driver [120057]

    I just added this today.. and I'm working with a few people to see what other than a few known hacks can cause this. I believe that this may be triggered falsely, although it's still something modifying SoF2, it may not be a hack. Working on it. If anyone you know gets this kick, have them contact us. The more people I can get process lists from, the better chance I have of overlap and what causes this.
  6. PBStaff_Stuart

    Nuber 1 Banned by -=HELL=-

    Violation #80023 - Caused by a failure of ANY pb_sv_file check in UT based games. (RvS, AAO) All version of the AAO PB server contain a small set of hard coded pb_sv_file checks that are for known files that are modifed for cheating, collectivly known as AAOM hacks. However, any admin adding, testing, or trying their own pb_sv_file checks can trigger the exact same vio. Here is a snippet from the PB server logs of the hard coded checks: [04.11.2006 18:54:46] File Check Added for agp.u w 2.6.0 1252624 548aa70ab2d3f7cef6b56cf1e13b5611 [04.11.2006 18:54:46] File Check Added for agp_inventory.u w 2.6.0 907063 a586e081a2a5444e7c392f4a2c2e6e1a [04.11.2006 18:54:46] File Check Added for engine.u w 2.6.0 2050427 0bc8e97668b6a6078d3dbc5e8fa3470a [04.11.2006 18:54:46] File Check Added for d3ddrv.dll w 2.6.0 516096 d0acc3294a588a6a004cb73e8f8a0217 [04.11.2006 18:54:46] File Check Added for unrealed.u w 2.6.0 0 NOT_FOUND 145be8dce40d44e672081125706359ea [04.11.2006 18:54:46] File Check Added for agp.u w 2.5.0 1247270 26cdc462356e978014e6c9384de4691a [04.11.2006 18:54:46] File Check Added for agp_inventory.u w 2.5.0 908524 168f0e10cdc93f08425ef4fa1050bd7b [04.11.2006 18:54:46] File Check Added for engine.u w 2.5.0 2049858 a91cafbb9885212103cd683864ded458 [04.11.2006 18:54:46] File Check Added for d3ddrv.dll w 2.5.0 516096 0cfb8225062b7f5d43ff721f8804641a [04.11.2006 18:54:46] File Check Added for unrealed.u w 2.5.0 0 NOT_FOUND d692c4c65d63705929ecad34d204b369 Note that these only apply to 2.5 and 2.6 AAO servers. 80023 kicks in RvS, especially engine and core are usally from poorly made admin checks that do not take into account the Direct2Drive versions of the game. pb_sv_file does support multiple "valid" hashes so can support any number of known file md5s. PB_sv_file checks are different from md5tool checks in that the pb_sv_file is an md5 of the file loaded into the game on launce, not the file currently on the disk, and are limited to a small set of hardcoded files that are md5ed on load. Not all files are compatable with a pb_sv_file check.

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