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  1. has now seen the new forums!!

    1. Pisi-Deff


      I shall eat your soul

  2. Bobert

    Forum Upgraded to IPB 3.0

    Sounds about right :P GJ Maydax
  3. Bobert

    Hack Or Skill?

    guess the violation, thats why fozzer!
  4. I would like to be the first on the forums to congratulate Pisi-Deff on making the staff team here at pbbans! Gratz Dude :-) Edit!! Pisi-Deff the noobstick! pointed out to me there is already this thread in the staff forums, but obviously I can't see that! So take this as the public one :P
  5. Congrats dude :D

  6. just wanted to say just wanted to say

  7. Bobert

    connecting to pbbans

    YEah I agree with RW i reckon it is a DNS issue, My isp sucks at updating them too!
  8. Bobert

    Welcome Back 2009

    Welcome back guys :D thankyou for all the Hard work!
  9. Bobert

    pb cvar scan does not work?

    Oh my days FML and all the rest next time dont put a ss ofyourself cheating on PBBans, just go do an emo's favourite command and /wrists
  10. haha nice profile Duality :D

  11. Bobert

    Ban player plz

    Piggy you broke the board!! resize your pic!
  12. Bobert

    Ban player plz

    A cheater wants to ban a cheater, :huh: Orly!?!?!?!
  13. Yes thats right only 50p a slot. Add

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