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  1. Duality


    Thankyou for your thankyou :)
  2. Duality

    split topic from:

    I'm going to use one of my (currently) rare forum appearances to put an end to this thread.
  3. Duality

    AMD Radeon HD 7970

    I ended up swapping my 7970 out for a GTX680 - I found the driver situation even 6 months after release to be less than stellar. I have heard that this has improved a lot since release though. There may be hope for the 7970 sat boxed up on my desk yet :P
  4. Duality

    London 2012

    Was well chuffed when Tom Daley won bronze in diving.
  5. Duality

    Welcome Back Everyone

    Thankyou for all the support and the donations. It truly is humbling to be a part of such a great community. It is good to be back.
  6. Duality

    Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

    Shame that the game hasn't lasted. Though I don't regret buying it - Tripwire deserve the support.
  7. Duality

    Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

    3 passes here too. Is this game worth re-installing? Last time I played it was before the latest patch, and the community was dying a pretty horrible death.
  8. Duality

    Battlefield 3

    And in the game. :party0049:
  9. Duality

    Battlefield 3

    Trust me, I do my fair share of whinging. Surfy is the most positive person here! @LtMatt it wont last - its just the latest in a long line of EA controversies. At the moment there is just a bit of a bandwagon. I just stick to servers run by Surfy & co.
  10. Duality

    Battlefield 3

    I purchased premium. I intended to buy all the DLCs as they came out anyway - so it made sense in terms of price. The one thing I am not happy about is the priority queue thing. It makes me feel like a proper dick and there is no way to turn the thing off.
  11. Duality

    EA's Shareholders Abandon Ship

    Lol "PC gaming is dying". Someone has been saying that every other day since the first XBox. It will always be a niche market compared to consoles, but it is far from dying - just look at the kickstarter successes of late.
  12. Duality

    Far Cry 3

    It looks like COD with the knife kills taken from BF3. No me gusta.
  13. Duality

    Ghost Recon Online

    If MaydaX likes it... I may have to take a look.
  14. Duality

    Ignore User Utility

    Brilliant, now I can say whatever I want about Buttscratcher and he will never read it! :party0049:

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