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  1. Thanks I see it is streaming now. I was just emailed by the RSP saying they are going to update to R5 server build. Which I guess means I need to run the webtool again to up the streaming? BTW - thanks for the work PBBans have been putting into this.!!
  2. Got the server added to my account and ran the webtool successfully. How long does it take to start streaming? Where do i set SPAM messages? Is there welcome message option like there was for 2142?
  3. you need to check with your game server provider. We have web access to the pb files so we can edit it online. Whoever is the primary account holder for the server should have this kind of access or you can probably submit a ticket to your GSP.
  4. I am not longer able to access the SGA protected section of the pbbans site and neither does the other admin. I was able to see them earlier this week. our server IP is We had an issue where our server stopped streaming and it was a server side issue our GSP fixed this morning. I had to go in and reactivate our server to start streaming. Not sure if this is related or not but I thought I would mention it. thanks **edit** I just noticed I have been converted to normal user from SGA.
  5. spiff

    AN IP Change Question

    same thing happened to me - do you use MyIS?
  6. thanks the server was already streaming by the time I got to it. I entered them again anyways. It is safe to delete my old server now or is that something you guys do?
  7. Thanks for info. I've added our new server IP, I haven't set up the streaming cause there is bunch of people on right now and I didn't want tempt fate and cause a crash. I will get the streaming commands in tomorrow. The status says waiting admin approval - do i have to wait till that is approved or can i just go ahead and enter the streaming commands? Yes we are with MyIS. They said all our configs were saved and moved over. Well lone and behold I was looking at my ban list in the BF2142cc and it was empty. *sigh*. I had a backup of the ban list from a month ago which I imported, itsucks cause we banned a bunch of people stat padding and other related issues since then.
  8. My GSP changed my server IP w/o telling me and now my server is not streaming anymore. Should I just add it as another server with the new IP as there does not seem to be a way to modify the IP field for my existing server. thanks
  9. spiff

    Pbbans User Survey

    All the information is here but i found i had to navigate quite a bit find what i was looking for. It would be nice it if was more cook book like to make it easier. I still haven't figured out what a HUB is, and what a the codes are when someone is caught. I was on and saw this person caught on our server http://www.pbbans.com/mbi.php?action=5&ban_id=68499 I was pretty happy to see a cheater caught and went to pbbans.com right away and saw it registered at the =MFH= hub and our server streaming sig still says n/a for banned users. I am wondering why are server was not the one shown to catch this person and why our sig doesnt get updated. If someone could point me in the right direction for this info or reply to this that would be great. Sorry if went off topic.

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