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  1. They have given up with releasing patches to fix patches and the DLC and decided to try and keep the players happy....
  2. but ofcourse. That always happens lol
  3. Andy @GD has just pretty much confirmed this to me via DM on twitter. He's known about this since Monday.
  4. Looks like single GSP for BF4 then Going by w00der on the GamingDeluxe twitter https://twitter.com/GamingDeluxe/status/375343466043019266
  5. Oh this could get very interesting now.
  6. Did that they day it all went back online again. No point risking it
  7. That could get quite interesting between EA and Activision.
  8. smells like their getting desperate to get the PC community on board to be offering that so close to release day.
  9. Really show's the dynamic lighting that DICE were banging on about when they launched the FB2 engine. The mind boggles at what mods could be created with official mod tools for this engine.
  10. Then surely they'd want the PC community to know about them then. If they have anything up their sleeves for the PC, now would be pretty good time to get PC community on board, after no beta/demo for PC being released. It will also have to be something fairly impressive for it to be a PC first. Unless they have the almighty bomb of "server files being released for MOHW" is announced the day before release. And lets be honest on that one. it's not going to happen.
  11. Ingame browser they say? You reckon they got the hint from all the complaining about a lack of ingame browser for BF3. Should throw some extra petrol onto the bonfire that's for sure.
  12. Apologies whilst I don't get excited for it.
  13. I think the only map that doesn't lend itself to the colour correction is probably Sharqi due to the lack of direct sun and it's location. It looks odd. Karkand, Wake and Oman, definitely look a millions times better. But BF3 wasn't built for it's colours or gameplay on the FB2 engine. It's purely an art/selling point game hence the washed colours, because as screenshots they do look very arty and very nice. Great way to sell the engine.
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