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  1. there for the question.. this can be locked...
  2. we do some manual check on players. and found some nice idiots that worth post, but bcouse there is no wall of shame i ask here 1st. can i post them here ??
  3. ^^ couldnt find link for it, but they fixed my setup !
  4. its not pb cfg isue, its on pbscreen.com it self what ever link i parse in, its error. &file=pb000152.png is correct. wile pbscreens.com gives this in error &file=/pb000152.png Notice the / ,that the isue.
  5. offcourse. else i didnt placed the question here. atm it still a free account with max of 100 shots to be saved. and with the correct link, i ment the id3 screenshot link. this i didnt mention. i do NOT own the server,i am merly the admin that manage the proconstuff, take care off all stuff like keep it running,. but, i can ask the owner for full access to the server, he only rents it, and that it
  6. well, the link is public.. but i dont know the correct link to place in the pbscreen stuff.
  7. so, yes. we went pbscreens.com to. i see its connect. but after some hours when checking the log it say HTTP -> Download error: https://customer.i3d.net/gameservers/gameserver-punkbuster.php?gsid=(i3d ID)#/pb000521.png?r=5449 any1 a idea what is the correct link for it for HTTP get? i supost it was this. https://customer.i3d.net/gameservers/gameserver-punkbuster.php?gsid=(i3d id)# tried several links, zip,nada,nothing.
  8. hmm, ok, i wait in that case xD
  9. question, how lown does it take after aplying a ticket for reactivation on a account to setup a stream again with pbbans?
  10. he say's no. NO ONE ! ,can be that good without getting killed...
  11. he say's no. NO ONE ! ,can be that good without getting killed...
  12. (_@_)_spatieman

    Keygenerator for COD4?

    buying a illigal key for 100$ wihle the game is lesser for it.......... lol
  13. (_@_)_spatieman

    Teamspeak PErl script ?

    /slams him self. reading the RTFM to the end would help :)
  14. (_@_)_spatieman

    Teamspeak PErl script ?

    thnxs!!!! but seems only to work on ONE client..............

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