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  1. we do some manual check on players. and found some nice idiots that worth post, but bcouse there is no wall of shame i ask here 1st. can i post them here ??
  2. there for the question.. this can be locked...
  3. ^^ couldnt find link for it, but they fixed my setup !
  4. so, yes. we went pbscreens.com to. i see its connect. but after some hours when checking the log it say HTTP -> Download error: https://customer.i3d.net/gameservers/gameserver-punkbuster.php?gsid=(i3d ID)#/pb000521.png?r=5449 any1 a idea what is the correct link for it for HTTP get? i supost it was this. https://customer.i3d.net/gameservers/gameserver-punkbuster.php?gsid=(i3d id)# tried several links, zip,nada,nothing.
  5. its not pb cfg isue, its on pbscreen.com it self what ever link i parse in, its error. &file=pb000152.png is correct. wile pbscreens.com gives this in error &file=/pb000152.png Notice the / ,that the isue.
  6. offcourse. else i didnt placed the question here. atm it still a free account with max of 100 shots to be saved. and with the correct link, i ment the id3 screenshot link. this i didnt mention. i do NOT own the server,i am merly the admin that manage the proconstuff, take care off all stuff like keep it running,. but, i can ask the owner for full access to the server, he only rents it, and that it
  7. well, the link is public.. but i dont know the correct link to place in the pbscreen stuff.
  8. question, how lown does it take after aplying a ticket for reactivation on a account to setup a stream again with pbbans?
  9. hmm, ok, i wait in that case xD
  10. he say's no. NO ONE ! ,can be that good without getting killed...
  11. he say's no. NO ONE ! ,can be that good without getting killed...
  12. (_@_)_spatieman

    Keygenerator for COD4?

    buying a illigal key for 100$ wihle the game is lesser for it.......... lol
  13. (_@_)_spatieman

    Teamspeak PErl script ?

    i like the Teamspeak perl script from pbbans. would like to now where to download it, is usefull on our server to.......
  14. (_@_)_spatieman

    Teamspeak PErl script ?

    /slams him self. reading the RTFM to the end would help :)
  15. (_@_)_spatieman

    Teamspeak PErl script ?

    thnxs!!!! but seems only to work on ONE client..............
  16. (_@_)_spatieman

    PBBans.com 5 Years and Going Strong!

    5 years already ! wow.. congratz!!
  17. (_@_)_spatieman

    Hub Downtime

    Auch, the system WAS running on 2 HDD's Well, i am glad that the tempory solution works. glad that my rig in the datacenter has a raid to...
  18. (_@_)_spatieman

    Hub Downtime

    coulnd be that hard to get a new HDD??
  19. (_@_)_spatieman

    Fix PunkBuster Evenbalance!

    is it FIXED?? no, pleaaaaaaze. fix it.... *g* a good cheater doesnt exist, they always caught..
  20. (_@_)_spatieman

    PBBans Teamspeak Server

    mistakes are only made by humans. perfect mistakes are done by computers, but the human is still the critical factor..
  21. (_@_)_spatieman

    PBBans Teamspeak Server

    seems to be offline currently :(

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