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  1. Sixshot

    big update for Nov22

    Looks like they finally posted the changelog for their big update. Seen here: http://blogs.battlefield.ea.com/battlefield_bad_company/archive/2011/11/21/multiple-fixes-and-new-squad-functionality-in-today-s-pc-patch-for-battlefield-3.aspx Some notables: * new squad management UI * fixes for Eyefinity/Surround users (finally...) * Grenades now drop to ground if killed while throwing (can you say Manual Martyrdom?) * should no longer spawn too close to enemies in TDM, SQDM, or Conquest (woopie... but I wonder what's their threshold) * "A large number of damage and range tweaks on a number of weapons to fine-tune overall balance in the game" (but that still doesn't fix the fact that the game favors vehicle warfare more than infantry play. Bleh....) * EOD Bot exploit fix * Several server crash fixes * Anti-stat padding measures taken, disallowing ranked servers to run obscure settings (wonder what obscure setting is that...) * Improved team kill kick configuration (yay~) * Support for unranked servers (rawr!) Well... they plan to deploy this in the middle of the night... two hour downtime according to them. 11P Pacific to 2A Pacific, 2A Eastern to 4A Eastern. During that timeframe, everyone will be playing Skyrim, be in Sleep Mode, or whatever...
  2. Sixshot

    Clearing the Air

    Two sides to a coin. I've known that for a few months now and I'm still wondering just wtf happened. Here's the thing that really raises my question. GGC states that they were not given enough lead time in order to respond. So I wonder how much of a lead time did Maydax gave to the folks at GGC on the matter. I ain't gonna probe into this entire matter. Just that what I read from this particular thread really raises question(s). I doubt it's going to affect me in the end, since I do multi-streaming thanks to the PBUCON system. Like anyone would have said, if you need those additional banlist, just sign up and stream to them as well. GGC also uses PBUCON so it takes little time and effort to set up a secondary stream.
  3. Sixshot

    Datacenter Maintenance on Oct 29, 2010

    Given the hours posted, it should not be a major issue for my peeps. Most of my clanmates are either KO'd on the bed or elsewhere screwing around in Squad Deathmatch. Here's to hoping a smooth checkup on the machines.
  4. Sixshot

    PunkBuster coming to Bad Company 2

    Ah, it's been a while, peeps. I see I have missed much. But given the timestamps, not by a whole lot. Posted a tweet thanking GVD and DICE crew for helping to set all of this up. I am very surprised that all this went through. While it would have been easier to secretly hand Maydax the server files, at the very least, they were able to communicate with us in getting it all set up. My clan's planning to put up a server on launch day. I'll be sure to check back for setup instructions as I poke around with the GSP admin interface. Let the good times roll. :)
  5. Sixshot

    [COD MW2] No dedicated servers or PB

    Best Weapon: Frying Pan... or the guitar... Can't go wrong by going Honky Tonk Man on the zombies. No competition? Sure they had competition. Borderlands, Left 4 Dead 2, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, just to name a few off the top of my head. The problem is too many people bought into the hype. The media pretty much brainwashed all those who wanted something new to play. And like brainless zombies running in to get slaughtered, they all rushed out to get MW2. I'm still keeping tabs on Xfire's game/play hour tracking. And each week I see the numbers go down bit by bit, little by little. Each time the weekend rolls around, it spikes up. But every time the weekend passes and the weekdays roll around, it goes into a slump. Compared that to CoD4, and you see a similar trend but with one big difference -- the numbers are consistent and the graph pattern is steady. IW says that VAC will provide a cheat-free environment. With all the cheating going around as evident from player experience, is it too much to demand for a refund for a defective product? This isn't quality product that IW is making it out to be. And how is the game balanced when certain kill streak perk will boost your kill streak far enough to reward you with the nuke? A P2P multi-player environment where anything or everything goes can go unchecked, can we really consider that balanced? And they try to get skeptics to play the game first rather than get a definitive answer? Pffft... Also... surfy mentioned: What we need is a revival of Tribes! Jetpack-totin', mortar-launching, mid-air-discing good ol' fun. If only it can be recreated down to the network code and HUD customizations...
  6. Sixshot

    [COD MW2] No dedicated servers or PB

    Maybe not related but I found it pretty funny: Modern Warfare 2 hack breaks PS3 leaderboards Another bonus point for Modern WarFAIL 2! :)
  7. Sixshot

    [COD MW2] No dedicated servers or PB

    Here's a more robust form for that #include line #IF (revenue > productionCost) #include "iwnet.h" #DEFINE GREED TRUE #UNDEF REPUTABLE #ELSE #include "dedicated_servers.h" #ENDIF
  8. Sixshot

    [COD MW2] No dedicated servers or PB

    I just read that ArsTech article and found it to be quite a good read. I personally do not mind Steam as a service but I kinda wish that there was a better way to manage how we keep our games. I just want to be able to take a game and be able to gift it or remove the game completely from my account. Or perhaps in the case of my friend, be able to take a game that's already linked on one account (for which he has user/pass access to) and bring it over to his primary/main account. I know that there are possible and potential issues with this. But it'd sure go a long way if I can remove a game or gift a game that I no longer want on my account. On a different note... I stumbled across this:
  9. Sixshot

    [COD MW2] No dedicated servers or PB

    So I was at GameStop/EBGames at the local mall today. I figure I'd put in a pre-order for Bad Company 2. The guy there immediately recognized the type of player that I am, a person who wants their dedicated servers. He mentioned that he couldn't believe they did that. And I referred him to World in Conflict, where the the idea and goal that IW wanted can be implemented still with dedicated servers in place. It does work. It can work. It really puts a smile on my face that he is a supporter of dedicated servers. Something like that really wasn't on my mind when I was there to pre-order.
  10. Sixshot

    [COD MW2] No dedicated servers or PB

    http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/call-of-duty-6/1048834p1.html This doesn't bode well for the future of society if this keeps up. "Mr. President, the president of Iran is on line 2." "Tell him I'll call him back later after this team deathmatch round."
  11. Sixshot

    [COD MW2] No dedicated servers or PB

    At least you know you'll be in a game once it's loaded. There's a guarantee on that front. :)
  12. Sixshot

    [COD MW2] No dedicated servers or PB

    Man... before anyone dares to watch that video, make sure you mute it! Terrible terrible music to go w/ it. Makes me wanna listen to Cotton Eye Joe instead. So about 7 minutes of waiting and still no game. Nothing like sitting around twiddlin' yer thumbs waiting for a game to start when anyone can just jump onto a random server and get into the action right away. To IW's credit. It is easier to get into a game. What they didn't tell you is what kind: the Waiting Game. Round 1: IDLE!
  13. is going insane.

  14. Sixshot

    [COD MW2] No dedicated servers or PB

    Yeah I think everyone has seen that first one there. But then... think of it this way: all of this is to make the game more balanced! After all, why fight when you can spam bullets from the AC-130! Killstreak perk 1: UAV. Killstreak perk 2: AC-130 or attack chopper. Killstreak perk 3: Nuke. That's all anyone could need.
  15. Sixshot

    Patch 1.51

    Posted via OfficialBF2142 twitter: http://forums.electronicarts.co.uk/battlefield-2142/854112-list-fixes-1-51-patch-please.html#post11975444 Removal of DRM Two new community maps Operation Blue Pearl Northern Strike booster pack included It's an interesting start. I never bought Northern Strike and I found it to be not worth it at the time. But now that they are including it, it'll give everyone a chance to make their profile more complete. The removal of DRM is also great, but I am starting to find that they are doing it just because the game is so old.

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