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  1. oh thats why then....d'oh Thanks for your help guys (and gals). I'm getting too old for this lol
  2. oh hang on I detect a operator error. d'oh Which port should it be set to ? I've currently have the Admin/Query port Address85.236.100.33:19867Query Port19877Admin Port19877PunkBuster Port19962 Edit:actually I know its the right port as the automated config worked.
  3. Well all them entries are from the auto config on here :( I've added the extra entries and still nada...boohoo lol It's not helping with MPUK not allowing log access which Dice have said we can have, can't see whats going on at all.
  4. Surfy, nope had a ticket back from MPUK and spoke to liv3d who I know. They couldn't see anything wrong. Heres the pbucon can you see anything wrong ? ;Auto Generated by PunkBuster Server ; Some of the following settings may not apply, ; consult manuals at evenbalance.com for full documentation pb_sv_MsgPrefix "PunkBuster Server" //[PB Message Prefix (default=^3PunkBuster Client)] pb_sv_MaxDlRate 4 //[KB/sec requested per file (default=4)] pb_sv_MaxConDls 1 //[Concurrent downloads (default=1)] pb_sv_KickLen 2 //[Minutes (default=2)] pb_sv_CvarFreq 6 //[# of range checks per minute] pb_sv_CvarLogging 1 //[1=Reg. Log, 2=Var Log, 3=Both, 0=Neither] pb_sv_CvarWalk 1 //[0=disabled, 1-4=Walk through obtained Cvar lists] pb_sv_CvarUserPulse 99 //[Frequency to auto-send CvarUser (minutes)] pb_sv_CvarChangedPulse 99 //[Frequency to auto-send CvarChanged (minutes)] pb_sv_CQC 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=1)] pb_sv_LogSync 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)] pb_sv_SsFloor 1 //[Low screenshot filename serial #] pb_sv_SsCeiling 100 //[High screenshot filename serial #] pb_sv_SsCmd "" //[Filename of system command to run after screenshots] pb_sv_SsWidth 320 //[Requested pixel width of remote screenshots] pb_sv_SsHeight 240 //[Requested pixel height of remote screenshots] pb_sv_SsXpct 50 //[Percentage across screen for remote screenshots] pb_sv_SsYpct 50 //[Percentage down screen for remote screenshots] pb_sv_SsSrate 1 //[sample Rate for remote screenshots] pb_sv_SsDelay 0 //[Maximum delay client waits before capturing screenshot] pb_sv_SsPath "" //[Path where remote screenshots are saved] pb_sv_AutoSsFrom 60 //[Min # of seconds to wait before requesting next ss] pb_sv_AutoSsTo 1200 //[Max # of seconds to wait before requesting next ss] pb_sv_AutoSs 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)] pb_sv_ssLogging 0 //[1=Reg. Log, 2=SS Log, 3=Both, 0=Neither] pb_sv_ssTimeout 0 //[seconds] pb_sv_Sleep 60 //[# of Milliseconds (default=60)] pb_sv_PowerMin 10 //[Power Points] pb_sv_PowerDef 1 //[Power Points] pb_sv_PowerKickLen 5 //[Minutes (default=5)] pb_sv_HttpPort 0 //[Port #] pb_sv_HttpAddr "" //[External IP Address] pb_sv_HttpRefresh 30 //[seconds] pb_sv_HttpKey "" //[Key] pb_sv_HttpMaps "" //[Map list (separate by spaces)] pb_sv_ScoreKick 0 //[Min score (negative)] pb_sv_ChangePeriod 999 //[seconds] pb_sv_ChangeMax 1 //[Max name changes allowed] pb_sv_DupNameGrace 0 //[seconds] pb_sv_AutoUpdBan 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)] pb_sv_ExtChar 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)] pb_sv_GuidRelax 2 //[1=UNKN, 2=WRONGIP, 4=DUP (add desired values)] pb_sv_RconReload 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)] pb_sv_HttpMapsPath "" //[Path where maps are loaded from in WebTool] pb_sv_HttpColText1 "FFFFFF" //[Text Color #1 in WebTool (default=FFFFFF)] pb_sv_HttpColText2 "0000FF" //[Text Color #2 in WebTool (default=0000FF)] pb_sv_HttpColBack1 "000000" // pb_sv_HttpColBack2 "808080" // pb_sv_HttpColLine1 "FF0000" //[Line Color #1 in WebTool (default=FF0000)] pb_sv_HttpColLine2 "0000FF" //[Line Color #2 in WebTool (default=0000FF)] pb_sv_HttpColMsg "FF0000" //[Message Color in WebTool (default=FF0000)] pb_sv_HttpShowGuid 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)] pb_sv_Restrictions 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=1)] pb_sv_FileWhitelist "" //[Folder Filename Filename ... Filename] pb_sv_EmptyName 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)] pb_sv_LogFloor 1 //[Low log filename serial #] pb_sv_MinName 0 //[Min Characters in Player name (default=0)] pb_sv_MaxName 0 //[Max Characters in Player name (default=0)] pb_sv_LanMask "" //[iP Address Mask for LAN Players (default=)] pb_sv_Lan 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)] pb_sv_UpdateGrace 600 //[seconds to wait before Update Failure kick] pb_sv_NoGuidGrace 1 //[seconds to wait before No GUID kick] pb_sv_AliasFn "" //[Filename (default="pbalias.dat")] pb_sv_AliasAutoLoad 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)] pb_sv_AliasMax 0 //[Max # of Aliases to track for each PB GUID] pb_sv_AliasMaxEnforce 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)] ;Badname List - pb_sv_badname [grace_period_secs] [disallowed text] ;Cvar Range List - pb_sv_cvar [cvar_name] [type] [value(s)] pb_sv_cvarempty ;PB UCON Settings / Lists pb_sv_usessionlimit 10 pb_sv_ucontimeout 300 pb_sv_uconempty pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pbbhub1" "pbbanshub"
  5. I've ended up sending a ticket it, can't get it to work at all....doing me swede in :)
  6. I've set up several server down the years for streaming, Crysis, Crysis Wars, BC2 etc but for the life of me I can't get our new BF3 to stream. I've used the online auto-config, end message is that the server is ready to stream etc, server is approved and nothing. With the inability to read any logs in Clanforge it doesn't help as I can't see whats going on. Any suggestions please ?
  7. Hi there, i've been trying to put my server streaming for the last few days with no result. I'm using Clanforge, my server's IP is and PB port is 20062. I added the PBbans streaming addon on clanforge and filled the account ID field. Added the server to my pbbans account and after it got approved it was not streaming, instead it was considered inactive. Tried using the automated hub setup but it's still no working, it allways appear as inactive. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  8. I've posted on the EAUK forums but will repeat it here. Would be interested to hear PB staffers reaction or even EB and Dice's. I would have posted this in the SGA section but lost my streaming account :( With the recent teleport hack I got thinking on how long cheating/hacking, whatever you want to call it has been going on. Thinking back to the early 80's when I started gaming, yes I am a first gen gamer, they has always been "cheat codes" on the early consoles and various cheats that were distributed by the game makers/publishers which helped players get through sticky levels etc on PC games. So down the years the words cheat and hacks have been part and parcel of gaming, be it on PC or console, so why are people really surprised that cheating goes on in such great numbers. It's not seem to be a bag thing as it's just getting passed down from gamer to gamer. You only need to look at gamespy and there is an whole section dedicated to cheats, ok these maybe legit "cheats" but what is the difference ? To my dismay I picked up a copy of PC Gamer here in the UK and on further inspection of the usual DVD packed with useless stuff I noticed "Bad Company 2 trainer" lalala ! I Slapped the DVD in the tray and sure enough it's a typical hack, OK it says don't use on MP as it will "probably" get you banned, but why are these magazines promoting this kind of activity ? This just breeds gamers into thinking that cheats/hacks etc are part of the gaming scene. There are 5 other "trainer" hacks for other games on the DVD too! No wonder more and more people are using hacks these days. Dice you should be jumping down these magazines throats for this typ eof activity. Here a section from the read me...just looks like any other hack if you ask me. Using this Trainer REMOVED.
  9. Cell666

    Dedicated Box Advice

    Cheers guys for the replies. Turns out one of our clan members is quite well in with this type of thing, he does networking for a job so he's got some good ideas it seems.
  10. Cell666

    Dedicated Box Advice

    In fact scratch that, the fibre optic will only has 2meg upload, which is kinda pants.
  11. Cell666

    Dedicated Box Advice

    UK :) Leeds to be precise. I can buy a decent Blade and colocate it somewhere as I said, but it's always the maintenance expense and what not. Now if I had a decent internet connection I'd run it from my business, roll on the BT fibre optic line is what I say.
  12. Cell666

    Dedicated Box Advice

    Thanks Wilbur Wolf did catch my eye when I was looking about last night. I may even go down the route and buy a blade myself and have it hosted by a GSP, which one of them has offered.
  13. Cell666

    Dedicated Box Advice

    Our clan have been going for a few years now and we are getting tired of having to beat to the drum of GSP's, now we have looked at buying out own server unit and having it hosted somewhere, or purchasing a plain old dedicated unit from a GSP and running it ourselves. We have enough guys who are fine with running raw boxes but was wondering which was the best option ? Any ideas ? GSP's etc We are mainly a Crysis Wars clan with two 32 slot public and one 14 slot training server, yes I know they are heavy on resources but what do you thing we need ?
  14. The SS in BC2 is still broken isn't it ?
  15. lol I like that, saved :D

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