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  1. Too bad it killed my server traffic. It was normally full every night until this happened.
  2. I hope so. I'll test when I get home. Or if anyone wants to be nice and test for me my server is PC Newbies Welcome:
  3. EB is at least aware of the problem now and are working on it.
  4. That's an old video card bug. It only works when the enemy is pressed right against the wall.
  5. Anyone else's server experiencing this? Kicks everyone every 3 minutes or so with that message. I hear a few servers started having the same problem.
  6. It's working. I was just a little nervous that I messed something up after setting up the streaming. Thx.
  7. Server IP/Port: Game Type: RTCW Clan tag: <|RW|> After I started streaming to PBBans and PsB, I noticed my pb folder is no longer generating an sv_cheat.log file. Is this normal? The sv_viol.log is still being generated and updated.
  8. Topic Title: Hub Game: RTCW Clantag: <|RW|>
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