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  1. SirRobHiFi

    little help.

    Hahahahahah, superb!
  2. Delete it or change the "v" to "l" so it's just logged.
  3. In answer to the original question we have a server admin that kicks for sof2bot.exe which is not a cheat and this got mistakenly added to the banlist. We looked into it and removed the ban.
  4. SirRobHiFi

    server help?

    He did apply but isn't listed as the server ftp admin on their website.
  5. A lot of admins here submit to both sites. The problem at the moment is the repository software only allows you to stream to one or the other and we obviously want people to stream to us, forcing admins to make a choice. We knew many admins would want to use both ban lists on their servers so we made it easy for them to combine banlists right here on the site with our ban list generator. Only trouble with that method is that the mybumleaks is only updated monthly. We knew people would want to see the evidence of pbss and demo catches for themselves so we provide that service to all and despite what some might think, these are simply not being disputed. I speak from a server and league admin point of view when I say there is simply no comparison between the sites when it comes to seeing who got caught WHEN and WHERE by WHOM with readily available evidence to back it up.
  6. SirRobHiFi

    Recording Demos

    If you suspect someone is cheating DON'T SAY ANYTHING. Just quietly excuse yourself with a "brb", "phone" or something and go to spec to check them out. Even if you are fairly sure he's cheating please save the accusations until you've submitted the demo here and got a few other admins opinions. If it's really obvious though, ask a server admin (if there is one) to come to spec and then talk to him using teamsay so only he will see what you type. Get him to spec the player and he will probably ban on the spot if he agrees with you. RECORDING DEMOS: If you already have an autoexec.cfg in your basemp folder but don't have a demo script then cut and paste the following script into it. If you don't already have an autoexec.cfg then paste the following script into "Notepad" (Windows) or "TextEdit" (Mac OSX) making sure you make the text "Plain Text" and save it as autoexec.cfg in your basemp folder. //demo script bind F6 "vstr demo" set demo "vstr start" set start "g_synchronousClients 1; record; g_synchronousClients 0; set demo vstr stop" set stop "stoprecord; set demo vstr start" //slow motion bind F7 "vstr slomo" set slomo "vstr lospeed" set lospeed "timescale 0.90; wait 10; timescale 0.70; wait 10; timescale 0.50; wait 10; timescale 0.40; set slomo vstr hispeed" set hispeed "timescale 0.60; wait; timescale 0.80; wait; timescale 1; set slomo vstr lospeed" //fast motion bind F8 "vstr fast" set fast "vstr 2x" set 2x "timescale 2; set fast vstr 1x" set 1x "timescale 1; set fast vstr 2x" You can change the bind keys to whatever you want. In this example F6 toggles demo recording on and off. F7 and F8 are for playback, slow motion to help look for the snapping and locking effects of aimbots and fast forward to get to the good bits. VERY IMPORTANT! When recording the demo make sure you are spectating the player in "1st person view" the "USE" key puts you in first person mode when spectating. If you don't already have a USE key binded select one in your game options. As soon as possible open the console and type/pb_plist and get a screenshot of the results to submit with the demo later. Next type /follow # (The ID number shown on scoreboard for that player) and from now on each time he dies you will be able to re-open console and using your "up arrow" key can bring up that last command quickly and keep entering it until he respawns. In the case of an obvious aimbot you only need a short demo showing multiple kills. Once you have plenty stop recording. You can always start recording again for your own amusement but there's no need for 10 min demos when the cheat is obvious in the first 60 seconds. With a suspected wallhacker it's quite the opposite, you usually need a fairly long demo to be sure. Look for the signs, like him seemingly tracking a player through walls only to see the player finally emerge and he has his crosshair right on him each time when it shouldn't be possible to know he's there. Wear headphones because most people do and it helps you tell if he reacted to sound or not. WATCHING DEMOS: The recorded demos are saved in base/demos and are named demo0000.dm_2004, demo0001.dm_2004 etc. To watch the demo in sof2 just open console and type: /demo demo0000 (or whatever it's filename is) If the demo was recorded in a MOD like "OSP" or "RocMod" you should load that from your mod menu first. You can also watch them with "Seismovision" (Windows only) http://www.planetquake3.net/seismovision Or you can use "Developer mode" (Windows only) which works like a basic wallhack allowing you to see players through objects. As I can't use this and don't know much about it I'm quoting Johnnie over at pbstd here... 1. Download the SOF2 1.2 SDK http://www.clanamd.com/software/sof2_1_2sdk.msi - Link courtesy of Bullitt from Clan *{AMD}* 2. Install the SDK into the default installation folder. 3. Copy SoF2MPDev.exe from the SDK installation folder into the SOF2 Folder (eg: C:Program FilesSoldier of Fortune II - Double Helix ) 4. Create a shortcut to the SoF2MPDev.exe (the one in the SOF2 folder) Shortcut properties: Code: Target: "C:Program FilesSoldier of Fortune II - Double HelixSoF2MPDev.exe" +sv_pure 0 +developer 1 +r_shownormals 1 Start In: "C:Program FilesSoldier of Fortune II - Double Helix" 5. Copy the demo you want to watch into the sof2mpdemos folder 6. Rename the extension of the file dm_2004 to dm_2100 7. Double click the newly created shortcut icon to load Developer 8. In console type demo demoname POSTING DEMOS TO THE FORUM: Locate the correct demo (trust me, I've sent the wrong ones in myself) and rename it to something easy like the suspected players name leaving the file extension (.dm_2004) intact. Locate the screenshot of the /pb_plist you made and edit out the GUID info of all the other players except the one relating to the demo. Leave the names of the other players intact as this provides corroboration of the contents of the demo. Compress this and save it as a .jpg using the same name you used when naming the demo. You can either host these files on your own webspace and link to them in your post or use the "Add an attachment" option we have on the forums.
  7. SirRobHiFi

    Check this demo for me plz i took it a few min ago.

    In future, you should do a /pb_plist in the console and screenshot the result to post along with the demo. As you are not a registered admin here we couldn't add the ban but we could possibly track him down and catch him ourselves.
  8. SirRobHiFi

    Delete a Post????????????????????

    I moved the post to the private sof2 forums, I thought you were a sof2 admin with access here. Ooops.
  9. SirRobHiFi


    If you come to our IRC channel please be patient as people are in varying time zones and may be afk or busy. [01:07] --> Anonymous1 ([email protected]) has joined #pbbans [01:07] --- aG|Bl00dy-Mary gives voice to Anonymous1 [01:08] <Anonymous1> anybody home [01:09] <Anonymous1> assholes [01:09] <-- Anonymous1 has quit (Quit: Bye bye) [01:09] <SirRobHiFi`> hahah If it's 1 am eastern you may be lucky enough to get a response if you can hold out more than 60 seconds.
  10. SirRobHiFi


    Hahahahahaha. You put so much time into that don't you think it deserved it's own thread?
  11. Dwarden... Lets simplify this a bit. What is the EXACT name of the log you found those entries in? 1: 000001.log (or similar) 2: server.log 3: remote.log The first one is the type we are talking about, it includes everything in the sv_viol.log and sv_cheat.log along with the connect info of all the players that join your server. It will also contain CVAR values for those players if you have CVAR logging set up to write to this log. PS, please stop shouting. :)
  12. wrong [05.31.2004 01:10:55] PB_RCON pb_sv_rcon 100 password from Dwarden [05.31.2004 01:11:17] PB_RCON password blabla from Dwarden ... this was taken from server log and from remote log ... We are talking about the pb logs only.... in the pb folder... under svlogs. Why are you talking about the server log and the remote log?
  13. What is there in your PB logs you don't feel comfortable with me seeing? :roll: I'm completely lost now. Open one of your PB logs and read through it, what's in there you wouldn't feel comfortable with streamed to pbbans?
  14. What is there in your PB logs you don't feel comfortable with me seeing?
  15. The pb logs record people joining the server and their connect info as well as people kicked by PB, cvar values for the players (assuming you have cvar logging enabled), md5 checksums etc for pbss's taken and so on. They DO NOT record rcon passwords or even anything accidently typed into the console. Look at one of your pb logs for yourself. Why use a repository? One good reason is to save us admins the work of submitting the PB kicks from the sv_cheat.log but far more importantly it a backup and duplicate of the original on the server. In the case of disputes we can deal with them directly because the members cannot falsify a PB kick from their logs if it's not also in our copy. Without the repository it is possible an admin could frame someone but this removes that doubt. The part about being able to view your logs as web pages is just a bonus feature, all of us have access to a web browser in more locations than an ftp client.

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