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  1. DLC Naval Strike on the Ships there is doors that open and close when players come near them.
  2. Hi, do anyone here have knowledge of a bug in BF4, where the (automatic) doors are open in your screen but seem closed in your opponents screens? Resulting in a situation were you can shoot and kill the opponent when he can't even see you. Regards, LEgiONary!
  3. This is just so wrong, crule, sad and painfull as for all the other tragic killings of defenseless people over the years. Obviuosly if you would deny people in general owning weapon lawfully the number of available weapons would deminish, but the problem is still not the accessibility of weapons, the problem is fundamentaly the violent nature of our race and the twisted minds of disturbed people. Also the guy we want to not be able to get near a gun would be the only one having one - as of the criminal nature. If there where no guns available innocent people would still be killed by mad me
  4. Textbook procedure there, to be specific the frozen body part should be placed in the arm pit. :o Did he recover well or did he get it amputated?
  5. You will not believe this - I have no knowledge of any cheat site or their URL:s and I am glad that the poofo magic wand is keeping it that way. Thanks admin!
  6. Maybe its time for you guys to try out paragliding and see how that works for you? Good luck and take care guys!
  7. Paranoid are we? :) Don't worry, its just some old disinformation programs running since the cold war. :)
  8. Seriously? Is that you say true its about time to pick up the phone and make a phone call... Glad you got his tag!
  9. Acctually the topic starts of with MaydayX explaining why the MD5TOOL checks was added. Some days after that PBBans (MaydayX) have distibuted the cas_xx check's (in another thread about BF 3 editor) the lead post is updated with info about GGC accidently stream an inverted kick statement causing all, including myself, being kicked from GGC servers for NOT have used that tool. But the lead issue is about the tool and the addition of kicks for it when the tool can be used to cheat. I'm pretty sure there is plenty of threads and post about it, but the core issue - playing competitvly
  10. Can you remember wich ones you collected?
  11. Hi, just wanted to bragg a little. Under some very lucky circumstances some days ago I did notice a DICE guy behind me while I was trying to get my team to follow me on attacking B objective at Armored Shield. This opportunity did present it self because my teammates "was slacking" behind me (heavily engaged in combat). Suddenly an armored vehicle advanced towards their position infront of me and I did fire away 2 javelins, it got disabled and retreated behind some bushes. Bye then I hade noticed something unusually, the player name had a rare and very luring lock "[DICE]DicedPixel" - this
  12. As discussed somewhere else here on PBBans, reducing the sun effetcs (the milder form of editing dev files) in BF3 is changing the game files (EULA breach) and will create an unfair advantage for those who use it. If it was up to me - I would go for a ban on this matter, but then I have a background in league and competive gaming and is ultra towards fair play along with my team mates in game over squad.
  13. I'm really thrilled by Tom Clancy's stories, both books and games since I first was reading Red Storm rising many years ago. Sand Flee, Big Dog, Cheeta - robots to hunt you down or assist you in surviving on the battlefield of tomorrow http://www.youtube.com/channel/HCG0bcPM0VslI?feature=relchannel
  14. I hear you Fozzer. First I did misstake the MD5TOOL kick for people having installed the Bf3 editor. On the 3rd page I did post a link to MaydayX post and an explaination of what is going on.... 5 pages later people are still crying about DICE and EA... Not to mention how many new colorfull names I got Average BL poster -> :sign0109:
  15. This did have a very large impact on many players last night. I made a huge misstake explaining why a player got kicked for the cas_50 check on the Battlelog and almost lost an eye in the process. Thank god I eventually found MaydayX post here on PBBans where the GGC streaming explaination was to be found - This might have saved my life. Thank you MaydayX! :doomed:
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