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  1. SOC_JO

    Happy Holidays 2014

    Merry Christmas to all Special Thanks to pbbans for the great work y'all do for the community!
  2. BTW now if you can change your name with that and score points on that separate other account that would be interesting to see.
  3. Although you want staff confirmation it's not needed in this case. There is no such thing as banned by name here. Player that may "spoof" your name will receive ban on his account regardless of name leaving your account with same name free to play. So if you or anyone had ideas of getting others banned by name it will not work. The end
  4. SOC_JO


    Does seem oddly low for this day and age of MP. To be fair I have to think their approach is a unique experience unmatched by any other current game. I did not know that unmanned "TITANS" turned into AI's instead of dead equipment like a tank in bf series. Large player counts would render most Titan AI's (stupid) useless and sitting ducks. With that in mind you can have 12 players and 12 Titans @ war = 24players (my guess is it will turn into a titan war 6vs6). They should be able to up player count if needed. Hopefully they will offer a beta to get a feel for it they may be right. I could envision around 12vs12 with 12 titans as it would open the door to guest joining servers instead of just a group of clan mates looking to kick some titan ases. It looks to be set up as a large co-op which can be lots more fun than 2 player co-ops. Almost like back in the day where there could be humans vs AI matches. Still curious and interested...
  5. SOC_JO

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year be safe
  6. SOC_JO

    pb protecttag

    There are several JS vulnerabilities at the site mentioned above. Its code links to a German site that has been know to deliver JS/Kryptik.AOG Trojan at some point in time. It would be wise to avoid extremeeagles website until the situation is remedied, especially if you have JS enabled.
  7. You could get his address, then go over to his house and break his pc into a million pieces. Then say How you like me now you cheating b*&^). Then place a "PBBANS was here" sticker on his desk. Bet that will make him think twice before cheating again!
  8. SOC_JO

    Happy Holidays from PBBans 2013

    Thanks... Seasons Greetings to all especially staff for their continued tireless volunteer work behind the scenes. Be Happy Be Safe
  9. SOC_JO

    GAME HACK #81518

    Come on Mayjay all cheats are created with legit tech tools. Using these multipurpose tools with selfish bad intentions is nothing new. If you think your "alleged" cheat argument is valid then it sounds like some rookie decides to code his own cheat program, joins a server and finds out 2 or 3 mins into game it doesn't work. Then he gets banned by EB for gamehack, gets his panties in a wad files an appeal stating he never cheated in bf4! It never worked so how can you say I cheated. As it stands now, if it walks and talks like a duck.....doesn't matter you better be able to prove that is really a dog in the park or in the very least a dog and duck walk and talk the same. Unless something new pops up its a pretty dead issue
  10. SOC_JO

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    wow some impressive sheet. Hope you wont need to sli titans just to get 30fps. SnowDrop 2020 get your behind the head matrix connection for gaming reality!
  11. SOC_JO

    where do I report these?

    I would suggest getting PBSS from server. If he is using a visual aid without a blocker you should be able to catch him. You should have SS set to auto already and you can take on demand SS while spectating when you know he is looking at players in the distance.
  12. SOC_JO

    Kaspersky Wins Independent Antivirus Test

    aren't you happy you went with Norton because of the sale price lol. Too bad Kaspersky awesome score was on XP but perfect is rare props to them.
  13. SOC_JO


    huh? huh? The last video on this TitanFall's thread makes mention of content lock 3 months before its due to release. This is even before they consider running public beta before release. If you watch the video it was not said as a pitch but in relation to a question about adding more to the game (can we expect to see x or xx) No we are under a content lock. EA/Dice was mentioned because there was an email conversation with a dev posted that involved an excuse that they were rushed by EA and they QA tested game but didn't have time to retest many things because changes were made late in the game which left many bugs. I remember Jason West battled Activision about removing dedicated servers for MW. It appears that is what cost him his job along with others. Even though he has removed himself from titanfalls I believe the rest of the team will shine and flip Activsion a bird and show them how it should be done. Well hoping that is how it goes down...
  14. SOC_JO


    Smartest thing I heard in a long time. "WE ARE NOW UNDER A CONTENT LOCK" - 3 months out they are working on balancing and making sure game works WELL! Unlike Dice excuse of well we QA tested game but then they make a change and we don't have enough time to retest everything lol BS. This game should be a success with a solid WORKING release despite EA's involvement lol. Surely EA will find a way to jack this up over the future years.
  15. SOC_JO

    Problem GUID

    Somebody will figure it out but so far the information you posted is not accurate. Try links to your battlelog.battlefield account it will include your game name. A screen shot of your kick violation wouldn't hurt either. Your forum name, guid and violation # do not relate to each other. If you want help drop the cloak and dagger by providing as much accurate real information.

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