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  1. Crazzie_Canuck

    2 emails from [email protected]

    For those who say nothing read here....... http://www.pbbans.com/forums/pbbans-closure-t169356.html
  2. Crazzie_Canuck

    Happy Holidays from PBBans 2012

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Everyone!
  3. Crazzie_Canuck

    Welcome Back Everyone

    Good to see you back! All the staff here enjoy a 2 week vacation :biglol: it was long overdue.......
  4. Crazzie_Canuck

    Medal of Honor Warfighter

    They where in BF3 in alpha & beta so no surprise on the hacks
  5. http://store.steampowered.com/ has there cut rate summer sale on ;)
  6. Crazzie_Canuck

    Walking Dead FPS

  7. Crazzie_Canuck

    Battlefield 3

    MayDax it seems they always listen to the whinners, not the true hardcore gamers.
  8. Crazzie_Canuck

    Using your downloaded ban list?

    Yes as that is the only way most of us that use gameservers.com can add the list. Then do a quick restart of server.
  9. Crazzie_Canuck

    Battlefield 3

    What 2 people watchin tv in a back room somewhere......
  10. Crazzie_Canuck

    How do I report a player?

    http://www.pbbans.com/mpi/mpi-guid-search-04436c49-41.html&showLG=yes&showAT=yes&safeview=no Globally banned by Evenbalance!
  11. Crazzie_Canuck

    How do I report a player?

    Same thing here thanks to Insane Limits! Click on his profile in battlelog and report him there.
  12. Crazzie_Canuck

    MBi passes quarter of a million bans

  13. Crazzie_Canuck

    What is VIOLATION (GAME HOOK) 120171

    Evenbalance never lets anyone know anything other then if a ban is valid or not.
  14. Crazzie_Canuck

    Hub issues.

    Also http://www.pbbans.com/forums/pbguid-is-now-ea-guid-minus-ea-prefix-t158853.html
  15. Crazzie_Canuck

    Windows 8 Preview

    I didnt touch Vista and stayed with Xp. From what i have seen and read i will hope that staying with seven is an option for awhile to come.

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