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  1. Nice work. good to see Homeland security involved the policing of the World Wide Web.Im pretty sure its common those who download torrents are one step away from shouting "allah akbar" before blowing them selves up. Just a thought , how about you look at removing the guns that kill thousands of your own citizens a year, before you decide to police the rest of the world
  2. The maths dont add up.. they say $30 will cover the loss, well not when i went to school. Promoted 4 gig, delivered 3.5G thats a loss of 12.5% of promised performance. how much where they when released? quick google tells me $349 USD so it should be a $43 refund, as well as punitive damages,
  3. We have been renting form them for a few years now, and due to our dwindling finances we looked at reducing the size of the server. whilst browsing their price structure we discovered the following..{below text is a message to me from our head of finances} NFO Servers have dramatically reduced the price of their hosting for Virtual Servers. Same config as before (well, 16TB bandwidth allowance instead of 12 TB) has dropped to $39.99 from $69.99. Effective immediately (I've made the change to the config). Billing tomorrow will be at the new lower price. I added this text to th
  4. I think he means, when he tries to spectate a suspect player who is alive and has been alive for a while, spectator view jumps from the suspect player to another player every time, and he is asking is this a known cheat. Thats my take on it anyway
  5. I wouldnt have thought just remapping a key would put you at risk of being banned, unless it alters the gameplay to your advantage. However, dont take my word for it .wait for more "informed" admins to chime in on this
  6. Aint that the truth. to be replied with " we can ban who we want, dont like it, deal with it" makes me question the integrity of the banning clan.
  7. When you say the Vac ban isnt yours, do you mean the account they are referring to is not yours, or do you mean someone else got the vac ban on your account? If the account{with the vac ban} is not yours it would be pretty easy, id have thought ,to give them your steam profile showing you have no ban.
  8. Its not just gamers that use those harddrives.. "giving the agency the means to eavesdrop on the majority of the world's computers" as i said, land of the freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............."
  9. I just wish that the powers that be would accept your admisson: " , i admite my mistake of using hacks in-game and i promise you if that happend anytime again you have my permition to ban me i am deeply really sorry" as evidence you have hacked and would therefor ban you
  10. what? Sorry m8 but that makes little sense, if english isnt your first language, try in your native tongue
  11. a Quick check of your alias, shows you are not banned by PBBans or evenbalance [if this is indeed you} http://www.pbbans.com/mpi/mpi-guid-search-6ac4ed28-44.html&showLG=yes&showAT=yes&safeview=yes, altho you havent been seen on a streaming server since Nov 13. So id say you are locally banned by that server admin, youll need to take it up with them
  12. Wow, the shock the horror, the surprise..... havent they had a backdoor key since Windows 95/.98 to every Microsoft OS?.. The land of the freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, ..well unless we decide to spy on you..
  13. Probably best to put that question direct to the support staff. try this forum http://www.pbbans.com/forums/other-questions-and-troubleshooting-private-f557.html
  14. JUst curious,as to why you would come on to this site PBBans{punkbusterbans} and say PB is a waste of time? Sure i agree a keen eyed admin is invaluable, but ill tell you something for nothing, even the sharp eyed admins miss "smart" hackers,heck we even had a guy in our clan 3 years ago, that was suspect to the point of me watching numerous videos of him and finding no conclusive evidence.but he was caught by PB and once confronted with the evidence he admitted it. So ill humbly agree to disagree, PB has a place, sure its not infallible, but then again even a keen eyed admin aint. so the m
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