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  1. I cannot find any evidence that definitively links your account with the three banned accounts. My opinion is that you ARE NOT the owner of them.
  2. PBBans and other anti-cheat organizations keep track of your IP address every time you log into a streaming server. The first screenshot that you linked shows all of the accounts that you have had a common IP address with at some time. If you look at the MPI for you and the banned accounts, you have both logged in with the IP, but not at the same time. Hover over the IP addresses on the MPI and you will see the dates that the player used that IP address. BF3 -- Diman2315 from Dec 3, 2011 to Oct 15, 2012 BFP4F -- KAAKL from Mar 26, 2012 to Mar 26, 2012 COD4 -- eSk
  3. Not to undermine what [email protected] has been doing, but another source of logos that I have used in the past is https://cooltext.com/. Lots of customization options and some animations. Not too many options for just plain colored text though.
  4. I recently tried many different versions, mostly Ubuntu variants, for a home server that is sort of a desktop on my living room TV. I would stick to the Ubuntu variants for ease of use and the size of their software repositories. I don't have much experience with Linux either, but coming from windows, it seems to be the friendliest to me. I finally settled with Kubuntu. I don't know if you have tried it yet, but most Linux OS's allow you to run them from a thumbdrive in order to see which one you like the best. It is much easier to weed out the ones that you don't like without fully
  5. If you slow the video down, you can see that the cross is a normal hitmarker. Looks to me that at the time *poof* recorded this video he had his headshot indicator set to blue and his kill shot set to red. The same blue hitmarker shows up at 1:18 on the next enemy. Completely normal.
  6. Sounds like another way for more games to be made for a console, and then we receive a crappy port of the game for PC.
  7. Mine was already downloaded, seems to work fine after putting Start10 from Stardock on. Unfortunately now I can't get pnkbstrA to run :crazy:
  8. BF3 PC online: 4,816 BF4 24h Peak: 26,018 BFH 24h Peak: 6,006 I don't think their sale is going to help them much. Pretty bad numbers for a Friday. Glad I didn't get suckered into buying it.
  9. http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-c7cfe7e8-vb377750.html
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