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  1. I am looking for enthusiastic FPS gamers to join my administration team for my small but growing gaming community. Currently I provide an Arma 3 server and a battlefield 4 server, have a website and teamspeak3. The site is connected to social networking platform groups and pages i.e. Facebook,Steam,google+,youtube and twitter and I would like help maintaining these areas. It is my belief that I have a duty of care to all legitimate gamers, like our members, and I provide secure and hacker safe environments to play in. To achieve this I have implemented state of the art anti-cheat systems on
  2. Exce;;ent article...Thanks for posting. Maybe you could point me in the right direction mate. I am looking for info on pbbans ability to detect VIP hacks. I am running streams to ggc and aic also to maximise server protection. I need to find out the possibility of these " paid for " hacks, getting through my server defences. Thanks mate
  3. I have got my main server streaming ok and so was my scrim server when set to" public " in the admin.txt. Yet when I change the scrim server to private and password the server for events my streaming does not work. Could you please tell me if there is another method to stream a private server... Thanks
  4. Thanks for being such a helpful member to newcomers.
  5. just tried to connect to ts.pbbans.com:9987 but no joy
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