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  1. Spanky138

    PCGamer: An investigation into online cheating

    10 million in diamonds and they want to be a hero. 10 million in lost gaming revenue and they could care less. Typical I suppose :P Good article though, and ty for the info :)
  2. Spanky138


    Typical. Bad enough that they have to cheat. Twice as bad when they get butthurt and attack when caught. and 10 times worse when they ddos cause you had the nerve to call them on their BS >.< Thanks for the point/link...merge or nuke this thread if you wish. Spanx
  3. Spanky138


    Is PBB under DDos attack or something? Lately it seems when I try to get on to run or check someone it is down or unreachable. Is it a coding problem or is the site under attack? I want to think AC I just got hammered as well, so I'm thinking that not only are these sites putting out cheats, but are now actively looking to kill the anti-cheat sites. Least it seems that way to me. Unless there is another reason you want to share....just seems like 50-75% of the time I try to bring up PBB the last week it won't come up. :( Ideas/reasons? Spanky

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