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  1. {DioCheeZ}RevBubba

    little help.

    heh that bot's no longer happy, eh?
  2. {DioCheeZ}RevBubba

    I feel like im being treated as a bad guy ...

    Znabela - I can relate to your feelings on this issue. I only joined up here recently (just over 1 month ago), and at that time I faced a difficult decision: which 3rd-party PB organization to affiliate with? I did more research than most people would, I think. I started by getting a memberlist from PBBans.com, and the other site (I could only get a memberlist from the other site by asking a friend who was a member there at the time - as a non-member, I could not access their memberlist). When I began looking through these memberlists, I was shocked to find that a hefty percentage of the other site's active members were already banned on my server; and more than half of those had been caught WITH MY OWN SERVER! I was forced to assume that THIS is why they don't allow public access to their memberlist. But - not one of the PBBans.com active members appeared in my banlist... I then began to scan through their forums, to get a feel for the type of support they offer their members - and I found it was a REAL crapshoot - more than half the time a member posted a question, they were flamed for it, instead of helped. Lastly, I decided to use both lists, without signing up at either site yet; and I found that the other site DOES NOT make their list available to non-members! This was directly in conflict with their claims that their list IS public; IT IS NOT. (At least, I could not get to it; I got a message saying "You are trying to access a restricted area. We are Sorry, but this section of our site is for Registered Users Only." I still get this message now, when attempting to get their current list - so I just don't use it. Oh - and I don't believe them when they say "We are Sorry" either. Yes, this pissed me off.) At this point, I felt like I had been lied to, or at very least, misled - and that was the last time I ever even considered any kind of affiliation with them. BUT - upon attempting to view the PBBans.com banlist - I was shown that PBBans.com delivers exactly what they say they do. Their list is TRULY public. Now, I am proud to have been offered a staff position here. I also chose to stream my server's logs here, to the PBBans.com repository. I have absolutely no regrets on these decisions, personally - and since I am new to this whole scene, I have no previous ties to the other site - but already in the 34 days I have been a member here, I have seen MANY things which have changed my opinion of the other site, for the worse... and from my perspective, they are NOT helping the anti-cheating community - in fact, I believe they are HURTING it! By adding non-proven bans to their list, and by refusing to add definitive bans, I must now believe that they are biased in their banning process. This cannot help the anti-cheating movement, IN ANY WAY. Also, I have seen instances which make me believe that certain members of their staff will take any action against PBBans.com which they think may hurt us, and help them - this kind of immature, spiteful behavior CANNOT be productive in a positive way. BUT - perhaps you now understand a little better why some of OUR staff is sensitive to these issues. I hope you and other members here begin to take notice of some of the things I have mentioned above. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT GOES ON AROUND YOU! And I strongly encourage you to form YOUR OWN opinion on this matter - I mention my observations and opinions above simply to make you and others here aware of them, NOT in an attempt to sway people away from the other site. (I guess I feel like I don't HAVE to sway people from there, as they are doing an efficient job of this on their own!) Anyway, I really DO understand what you are saying; if I had not done the research I did, before I signed up here - I'd probably be in the same situation myself. I hope that you can find a comfortable place among our membership.
  3. {DioCheeZ}RevBubba

    EvenBalance's "Repository" Software

    That's the way I installed the cvar checks in the first place. :D
  4. {DioCheeZ}RevBubba


    Yet another satisfied customer. You can lead a horse's ass to culture, but you can't make it DRINK.
  5. {DioCheeZ}RevBubba

    EvenBalance's "Repository" Software

    As a new member here, and a willing participant in the repository system here at pbbans.com, I felt I could offer a few words on this. I am a skeptic by nature (one of the reasons I joined up here). I tend NOT to trust new people so quickly. However, I perused the contents of the pb logs and decided that EVERY entry in the pb logs were DIRECTLY related to player connection info and pb cheats/violations - just like the info I already manually post here when we catch a cheater... So by participating in this repository system, I am relatively convinced that I am giving these guys logs which contain the same info I am already posting to them; where's the security or privacy risk in that, I asked myself? Not succeeding in finding an answer, I signed up to the repository system about a week ago, and have had no second thoughts since. Just thought I'd share this with you skeptics out there.
  6. {DioCheeZ}RevBubba

    EvenBalance's "Repository" Software

    I finally got the Fragoholics Network servers running on the repository system just now - sorry for the delay. There should be 3 servers sending logs now. Let me know if there are any probs. Thanks for this great service!!

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