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  1. MR]|[VladX


    thats EXTREME. survived being called an asshole
  2. MR]|[VladX

    Possible Personal Greviences

    lol. i bribed Rob :P *BTW it should be noted i decided NOT to sample thus cheat and sent it to evenbalance. The "undetected" cheat that the webby i got it from soon changed it to "detected"....the system works!
  3. MR]|[VladX

    kicked without reason

    *it should be noted at the time of posting my previous comment i had no idea what gamehack was exactly however i hear it ment that.....nub :lol:
  4. As far as I know PB is aware of a number of farcry/PB issues and is working on a series of updates to work these problems. at the moment I guess you could go swimming in the "deep" end of the pool a.k.a non PB servers and hope for the best
  5. MR]|[VladX


  6. MR]|[VladX

    pro-pb people

    well there goes MY belief system :lol: anyway. you come off yourself a bit arrogant if u think we dont know PB is infallable. However almost 90% are positive matches. If they have an excuse why PB banned them then thats fine, however the fundamental fact that PB BANNED THEM CORRECTLY is not argued by most people. If they do get a false positive they e-mail evenbalance and i'm pretty sure they can work it out because not many people using hacks are gonna ask evenbalance why they're banned, THEY KNOW WHY 8)
  7. MR]|[VladX


    sorry man, but this is strictly the "I h8 punkbuster" forum, no giving PB and props at all is allowed :D Click on member's names to see their profile with clan server
  8. MR]|[VladX

    Any idea what this is

    It should also be noted this applys to ET's PB also. I once saw 20+people try and get kicked from a server for lack os OS privlidges. Guess this almost nulls the excuse "Someone else used my comp"

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