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I cant gain control of my streaming server?


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Hi, I hope you can help?

I am a owner of many servers which i use for mm own team and give to upcoming teams as a kind of sponsor deal.


However, I now want to use one of my servers for my own team now, but the server has already been registered and streaming under another admin. The person who set this up is no longer contactable to me or my team. But i need to get the account running to me.


Before we split ways, he did set up all the stuff to stream under our tags and site, but all the control etc is still run under him. This gives me no control over this at all.


Like i said I actually own that server and if there is a way you want me to prove it I can and will. But this account needs to be set up for me. I hope you can help soon as this is a pain






Heres a link to my forum application that was denied........


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Can you also provide us with who is currently named as the streaming head SGA? This will save us some search time.




Im sorry, im a noo to the PBBans, thats why i never been bothered about this till now. Whats SGA? I can say that the names that will prob show up would be either haze, Zaman or some variant of this. They are the players i gave the server too. However how they set it up i dont know?

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SGA is Streaming Game Admin, or those you see here with green names on the forums. A status given to those that stream to us. What we can and will do is look into the IP you're wanting to stream, and attempt to contact the current holder of the IP listed as an SGA, and work from there, please be patient, as we need to make sure that they are inactive, etc. Your request is not unusual, as IP's are often changed, and not removed from another account. Our policy is to ensure that we're not removing a given IP from one SGA and giving it to another, without going through proper protocols first. Thanks for your patience.



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