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hello, I have been using PBBans for awhile, Im trying to add a new server that was just resently purchased, and i get the error from PBBans saying that the following Is Black listed.


So, can I get some help on this one, thankyou!

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Ok I dont really know what that means, I paid the money for Pbbans, and I bought a new server. I would like to run the Pbbans on my new server. If someone owned the server before me and ran something they were not supposed to run, then thats not my problem. Its my server now, and I dont cheat or hack, and thats why Im trying to use Pbbans. This is a brand new server as I dont know who had it before me.


Im sorry but what is the problem.

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Nothing you did wrong by any means. The fact is that some person used that PC to play on a game server (COD4, BF2, and BF2142). Becuase of this, the IP for your server shows up in our database of players. We do not allow any servers to stream to us with an IP that show up in the players database. You should contact your provider and get a new IP.

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it is not a big deal to get a new ip



from the ToS


1. Terms & Definitions


1.1 Game Server - A game server shall be defined as a network server running a program that acts as a hub for clients to connect to for the purpose of interaction. For the purposes of clarification, PBBans will only allow streaming from dedicated servers and not from LAN or personal computers.


if an ip shows up on the MPi, then that ip has been used to actually play games and falls into the personal computer/LAN category

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