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my server application


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im wondering if you have to have a clan tag we are all a bunch of friends who have played CSS counter strike source for years on my server thur counter-strike.com

we all wear my tag that stands for my website name

that are official Tangos basically my family members and close friends


but we are not actually a bonfide hard core clan


every one got bored with CSS so i changed to COD4


in the application i put my tag T2P or team not sure but filled out to my best of understanding


my question is does my server have to be a bonfide clan to have punkbuster on it

my registered members on my web site wear my tag T2P as well as my old friends just for associations to us because they have been with me for so long


hope this makes sence


my server is private too its basically for my friends and there friends who i approve of on my website to play on my server to keep out the rif raff


thanks for answering

I hope i filled out my applications correctly

Ive read every topic in forums till i have gone dumb :lol:


RushInRed :unsure:

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nah there are plenty of teams who stream here that aren't serious clans and just a group of people together gaming. Only thing I would say is before an accounts admin looks @ your application make sure your forum is viewable or even partially viewable to the public :)

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thanks for answering so fast

I have my forums admin approval should i change it right now to public for you all to check it out


the reason i have made it admin approval my website has had over the past years porn on it nasty post because we are a christian group or clan but i can change it right now if you want to look it over


its currently open for public come on in and look around :lol:


thanks for answering


RushInRed :rolleyes:

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