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  1. As Greeny said it's likely to be a server ban. Check procon settings. Some of the plugins write pb based bans.
  2. Much like fozzer, health and life took me away from PBBans for some time, I popped in today for the first time in months to see this shocking news. I can only imagine how people closest to her are feeling right now. I really cannot find the right words at the moment.
  3. Yeah I did it yesterday ;) https://www.pbbans.com/forums/reactivate-my-account-t205987.html?do=findComment&comment=505311
  4. Server was in queue pending approval, all done :) ---------- Account Information ---------- Team: Elite!Warriors^ (-ew.) Website: http://ewteam.enjin.com Account ID: 16322 Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 1) ---------- Server List ---------- AAPG - (Streaming) ---------- User List ---------- raww (228969)
  5. Think gaming deluxe offer web hosting with cpanel. Other then used nethosted for years but they're UK based.
  6. Merry Christmas to you all! Hope everyone has a lovely festive season :)
  7. Who's lamenting? It is what it is. I'm too busy working and shooting to cry over the BF series.
  8. Never was going to hurt sales. We're the minority in the gaming world. The reason we're in this situation is all the moaning about anti cheat and admins on battlefront for the past x years.
  9. Yep some of my clan are saying they're enjoying it and under the impression servers will be rentable via origin in the near future + vague hope some anti cheat will come into action. I'm not sure how likely either of those options are. Been all too busy at work lately! However if they're enjoying it then fair play to them.
  10. Well I'm just booting up my laptop so hopefully I can finalise both queries for you in the next hour. Edit: Replied.
  11. One ticket was already responded to. The other was posted today. I've no access to pbbans apart from my phone for large portions of the day during the week which makes MPI searches rather a pain. I'm sure the admins will take a look over their weekends.
  12. Not sure it'll be that short lived Greeny, time will tell. It'll largely depend on the elements already discussed on the threads on here. Not even sure whether the life span of a game is reflective of the game or if people simply have no attention span anymore.
  13. I'm just sad for the gaming communities who have been looking forward to a new title to get their teeth into that they can run servers for. Unfortunately the vocal minority who hate admins and pb seem to have got their way.
  14. People enjoying it then? Saw one guy in our clan go from "its fun" to "I'm not buying it". Hope this ticks boxes for those who have been looking forward to it.
  15. Think I'm one of the few who loved bfbc2 Vietnam. Still have a server for it.
  16. Have you checked your streaming status there or are you going simply from those server messages? As long as the ucon information is alongside the Ucon IPs for PBBans you should be fine so for example:
  17. Absolutely. I would say look out for servers who have PBBans in their name or server description, there are a few who do that.
  18. I feel your suspicions are probably correct in this case MaydaX :(
  19. Sorry I didn't quite get to your ticket whilst I was doing them yesterday! All done for you now though :) https://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?app=tickets&showticket=6135&st=0&gopid=19135&&do=findComment&comment=19135
  20. Have you resolved your issue? The above advice is exactly what I would have said :)
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