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We are missing Files and Folders on our server ...


If anyone can help,


Take a look at the links


1st one is working

2nd one is not working and missing


I did a wipe and reinstall

but evertime we have to do this

Files like pbsv.cfg & pbsvlog.cfg are not there and folders are missing


I cant remember what to do ...


Can you help ?











You see what I mean that Files are missing ...


Thanks guys

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Writes the current values of the PunkBuster Server settings to the local hard drive (creating or overwriting a file called pbsv.cfg) in such a way that they will be loaded automatically the next time the PunkBuster Server starts; server admins who wish to manage multiple config files for different situations will usually not use this command at all


it only makes changes to cfg permanent


it should create pbsv.cfg if it does not exist though

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