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Yikes 4 servers all stopped streaming ?


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Well I had 4 servers all streaming happily along then after you got hacked and came back they came back everything was fine.


I then just checked my servers today, because I was closing two of them down and all 4 servers are not streaming? They are not even in my list of servers. I half expected one of them to not be streaming, but all 4 are just gone like they never were.


Very odd indeed. I would think if someone lost all their servers from streaming pbbans would have an email go out ?


Is this because of the hackers ?


What happened?


Team is Active

Account ID 870


I just re-added the info for two of my servers back in again.

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Servers automatically get removed for not streaming for an extended period of time. Sounds like something is wrong in your server's configuration.


Have a look at our hub streaming guide or re-run the webtool.


The most likely problem is that the following line is missing from your pbsv.cfg:


pb_sv_task 0 7200 pb_sv_ver // Keep-Alive for PBBans Hub

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would have been nice to get an email saying 4 servers failed

You can enable automatic non-streaming notification emails to the email-address linked to your TA.

Visit your team account by clicking here, click 'Edit Team Info' and make sure the box is checked.


Edit: Seems you're all sorted :)



Team: Thunder Mountain Forces (-TMF-)

Account ID: 870

Streaming Status: Streaming (2 / 2)




Server List


COD4 - (Streaming)

COD4 - (Streaming)



User List


Badlizzard (110148)


Helpful Links:

Account Management

CVAR / MD5 Scans (Setup and Use)

PBBans Hub Flags

Master Player Index

Automated Hub Setup

Not Streaming Fix



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