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  1. Just thought I'd share this with other BC2 server admins that also have android phones ;) http://www.androidzoom.com/android_applications/tools/bc2-server-admin-tool-r9-free_gene.html?related There's also a paid version with a bit more options. I've been using it for a while now, it's perfect for changing map during matches or randomly banning players after a bad day at work. :lol: Edit: Can grab it from the Android market
  2. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Portal for Free (Until May 24)

  3. No you won't be able to unban yourself. Don't do it unless you want to lose your ability to play on PB-enabled servers as well as your SGA status. Any violation gets logged to Evenbalance, no matter what server it's on, and will result in you receiving a global ban. If you've enabled Punkbuster, have the right flags set in your server manager, and are running the MD5-checks from our MCI, you can assume it's working correctly. Again, don't test cheats!
  4. hah, unintentional rime ;p

  5. Few days late, but happy bday mate!

  6. They see me lurkin'...

  7. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    BBC2 Server stream.

    Is that info publicly accessible or does it require registration? If it's public, you can try re-applying. Make sure to reply to the application thread to explain what you just posted above. Edit: I see what Big_Guy meant, there is no specific information on who in your clan plays BC2 and who's playing other games. As far as the server stats go, it's not loading for me, but that could be a problem from my side of things.
  8. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Very funny BC2 video

    Haha, nice. I'll have to try that sometime :P
  9. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    taking a break

    Best of luck :)
  10. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Activision Lawsuit

    Serves them right :P
  11. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    i want to server Admin

    Still in the queue, be patient :)
  12. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    i want to server Admin

    Your application is currently still being processed. You can check it here. Edit:: Might want to reply to it and list the correct tag, since from what I understand from your website, Lucky is a member and not your clantag? And your clan's name I assume, is PIG and not PIG Member? Might want to read the requirements listed here because I can't find a clan-roster (memberlist) on your site either.
  13. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Call of Duty7:Black Ops

    I'd almost say it's both modern and non-modern time :blink:
  14. Lucky_Fr4gg3r


    There has to be an RCON password, I strongly doubt they'll leave a server unpassworded. Perhaps you didn't formulate your question properly and they misunderstood you?
  15. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Call of Duty7:Black Ops

    I've never ever paid more then 30-35
  16. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Dedicated Box Advice

    Personally had good experiences with Killercreation.co.uk's dedicated servers
  17. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Service Communication Failure: Pnkbstra.exe

    Tried disabling all other programs you have running (AV etc)? If the kicks stop, start booting them up again one by one until you find the cause. http://www.pbbans.com/info-center-pbsvc.html
  18. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    New Medal of Honor (Modern Day)

    This is why their needs to be some sort of warranty system for software tbh ;/ I remember a while back the EU was considering something like this, but decided against it because there were too many objections from developers
  19. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    New Medal of Honor (Modern Day)

    Best part is, developers don't realize this. When PC sales are disappointing, they just blame piracy rather than looking at the steaming pile of shit they release.
  20. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Conservative vs Liberal

    Oh lawdy. Don't get me started on politics
  21. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    adding admin

    That's the message you get when the person you're trying to add is already part of another team account, IIRC. He will have to be removed from it first, either by one of the users in that account, or by a staffmember.
  22. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Pbban application

    You can view the status of your application here. Your application is currently #1 in the queue so I'm sure a staffmember will process it soon. I suggest you make a reply in that thread and write up the correct port. I also noticed the teamname is ''FuzzPoncho'' even though your clan is called ''The Killing Crew''. It's possible that your application will be deleted for this reason and that you will be asked to re-apply using the correct port and teamname. Either way, I'm afraid you're going to have to wait like everyone else currently in the queue :) Edit: Yep, there we go, someone processed it. They corrected the name and port for you as well, so I assume Buff read the thread ;)
  23. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    PunkBuster kicks me

    Try reinstalling and testing the Punkbuster services using this tool.
  24. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Why MW2 never had Dedicated Servers

    I imagine you'll still be able to play MP, just not on the new maps. I think a lot of PC players won't buy the DLC, and even if they will, new stuff gets boring quite quickly. In a few weeks, everyone will probably be back on the stock maps after having played the new ones to death
  25. Lucky_Fr4gg3r

    Quick question

    Yep. You can find someone's member ID on their profile. Afterwards staff will need to approve him before he will be added to your account. Can't help but notice you mentioned 'updating bans'. There's no real need to be updating your pbbans.dat file regularly other than as a failsafe mechanism. If you check the 'Enforce bans' flag on your server, it will crosscheck any GUIDs that join your server with the PBB banlist, and initiate kickban where necessary. For more info on what each flag does, I suggest reading this if you haven't already :)

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