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  1. Nvidia promises improved gaming with latest GeForce GTX Titan GPU. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2028769/nvidia-promises-improved-gaming-with-latest-geforce-gtx-titan-gpu.html The GPU will start at $999!!! Wow! Don't think I'll be getting one of these real soon!
  2. CosmicBlue

    Steam's Big Picture Beta Out Today

    Great idea! I've downloaded the Beta.... However, I'm not about to disconnect my PC and carry it down to the living room to play a game on my 52" TV ! My plan is to try to get it to stream wirelessly to the TV. The TV is DLNA compliant and I have a wireless Roku box on it. I also have Playon Media Server software running on my PC. If I get it to stream wirelessly with a decent framerate, I'll post back here.
  3. CosmicBlue

    Killing Floor Deal

    Thanks, Renegade! Downloading it now! +1 :biggrin8:
  4. CosmicBlue

    One to avoid

    Hey Foz! Only play on servers that are streaming to PBBans - that way, if the admin kicks you, you can put a ban on him! :biggrin8:
  5. CosmicBlue

    Modifications of .ini files

    Yugo, It sounds like you may think that this site IS PunkBuster. This is PBBans, the best 3rd party anti-cheat service available. There are many knowledgable and helpful people here, but..... It is NOT PunkBuster, which is the anti-cheat program developed and maintained by EvenBalance. www.evenbalance.com
  6. CosmicBlue

    future MW titles

    LMAO! I'm down with the last one - $#%@ it! Back to WWII!
  7. CosmicBlue

    CoD2 /+smoke bug (solution for kick)?

    Thanks, Fozzer! :D Just to clarify for the OP, the command "PB_SV_CVAR +smoke IN 0 0" will NOT kick or block players that type "/+smoke" in the console. But, it will cause their arm to freeze in the air if they try to throw a grenade after typing +smoke. It's funny to watch them run around with the nade in the air and unable to defend themselves. They inevitably get killed, try it again get killed again, and after a few more repeats they leave the server! lol
  8. CosmicBlue

    CoD2 /+smoke bug (solution for kick)?

    I think that what you are asking is if ALL players will be affected if you add this command. The answer is, No. Even though the '4' key is bound to +smoke for all players by default. ONLY those that actually type "/+smoke" in the console will be affected. Other players can still use the '4' key to throw smoke and will not be affected.
  9. CosmicBlue

    Reporting a bug

    hahahahahaha....LMAO! Maybe someone should start up an Anti-Stupid site
  10. CosmicBlue

    DB Server Maintenance (Apr 29, 2011)

    Thank you MaydaX, for all the work that you put in for this site! It is appreciated by many! :woot:
  11. CosmicBlue

    CoD2 /+smoke bug (solution for kick)?

    You're welcome! :D Interesting problem.... I've played around with it a bit trying to find a way to kick for it or block it. Couldn't find a way to do that. As you stated +Smoke is not a CVAR that you need to enter a specific value for. But, I did discover that if you put this line in your pbsvuser.cfg, it will screw up the game for any offenders that type "/+smoke" in their console. PB_SV_CVAR +smoke IN 0 0 (you need both zero's with a space between - maybe that's why it didn't work for the poster in the other forum you linked to) Whenever they try to throw a grenade (Frag or Smoke) It causes their arm to freeze in the air, grenade in their hand, without any weapon....hahaha If they hit "ESC" or "~" it will release the grenade, but this will be very annoying and disconcerting for them. lol :D Now, of course, if the abusers NEVER throw any nades, they won't encounter this nice annoyance. But, who doesn't throw nades in CoD2? :rolleyes: It will continue this behavior, unless & until they completely exit the game and restart it. Players that don't type "+smoke" in their consoles are not affected. Try it out and see if this little "fix" meets your needs. Hope it helps......
  12. CosmicBlue

    CoD2 /+smoke bug (solution for kick)?

    Not sure what you are asking - Do you want to just see if they have typed that command in the console, or do you want to block them from using that command?
  13. CosmicBlue

    New Website Theme Launched

    I agree! Looks very nice - nice and clean, and loads faster for me, too! Good job, MaydaX! :D
  14. CosmicBlue

    happy holiday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HSMagnet! Hope you have a good one! :D
  15. CosmicBlue

    Jerks should be

    Great idea! :D I usually just Ban them.... :P

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