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Server 2008 + PBUCON?


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Hi, I recently setup some COD:WaW Servers on WebServer2008. Unfortunately something seems to keep forcibly closing the PBUCON ports, at least I think thats whats happening.


Suffice to say that because PBUCON doesnnn't stay up, they are not streaming anyhow. Was hoping there may be some Server 2008 users here who could point me in the right direction to get it working properly.

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I'm going to assume that you've read the How-To at the evenbalance website, so I won't quote anything from there, but linked to it as an in-case. Pending that you have, and have tried everything, perhaps submitting a Support Ticket with them, explaining your issues, would help them and you, as well. TT's with them are not just for cheaters, but for all people who have trouble with the punkbuster software, both players and GSP's alike.


Hopefully someone else here has also had and solved the problem, and can post a solution, but your answers may well lie with evenbalance themselves.



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I fully understand its a server 2008 setup issue. Was just fishing if anyone else had struck it.


I will submit a ticket to PB though, as if anyone else has seen it before, I guess they will have.

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