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Moved to 2142cc


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Hi guys,

I used to have a server solely ran from CC and on that the streaming commands would appear at the bottom of the PB section of 2142cc.

But i just moved from clanforge (created a new profile for cc) and only selected PBBans in addons but all i get at the bottom of the PB page is...


;PB UCON Settings / Lists

pb_sv_usessionlimit 0

pb_sv_ucontimeout 300




even after I initialise the streaming, can i just edit the txt? If so what exactly should it say (i don't have access to see the old server file)

I think this is why it stops streaming all the time, no?

Thanks in advance for your help

Kind regards



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pb_sv_USessionLimit 8

pb_sv_ucontimeout 90



pb_sv_uconadd 1 "" "pbbhub1" "pbbanshub"


For more steaming info, check HERE. Everything that needs to be done to configure streaming can be done through 2142cc.

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yeah I have, but it doesn't cover my question. As I have done what it says to do in that guide, but it doesn't seem to get written to the cfg, it just stays as my quote above ^^^

And it stops streaming atleast twice a day.

So can I just copy n paste those commands straight into the pb file in 2142cc? as they don't get added when i iniate the streaming?

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And it stops streaming atleast twice a day.

sounds like pbsv.cfg is overwritten with a default one on schedule, better contact the server host to make a long story short(er)


if you have ftp access, could try to save the streaming setup to pb/pbsvuser.cfg first

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