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Streaming inconcistency


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Maybe this topic has been discussed somewhere else on the forum, but there are so many questions/answers...


Here I go.


I have updated the streaming of a BF2 ranked server ( ) after the moving of the Pbbans' hub.

It worked for a while, and suddenly it stopped and started displaying the message NOT STREAMING.

Then after some time, it finally gives the following message :the server connection is desactivated. I do re-activate it, but it changes nothing.


The files should be okay as no one has ever altered them after the new initialization.

So, does anyone has an idea why this doesn't work?


I have also streamed the server with another streaming system (cgc-stream). And this one fully works. So, it is not a question of availability of the server... Is there a problem of compatibility?


Please help. Any advice is welcomed.

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Okay, I have used the Java applet.


The log is hereunder:


[iNIT] Opening connection ...

[MSG] Connection opened

[MSG] Remote console driver does not return result. Performing blind setup.

[MSG] Creating pbucon.use file ( pb_sv_writecfg pbucon.use )

[MSG] Restarting PB ( pb_sv_restart )

[MSG] Waiting 30 seconds for PB to restart

[MSG] Setting sessions limit ( pb_sv_usessionlimit 8 )

[MSG] Adding ucon profile for PBBans Hub ( pb_sv_uconadd 1 pbbhub1 pbbanshub )

[MSG] Setting pbbans.dat autoupdate ( pb_sv_autoupdban 1 )

[MSG] Adding heartbeat task ( pb_sv_task 0 3600 pb_sv_ver )

[MSG] Saving settings into pbsv.cfg ( pb_sv_writecfg )

[MSG] No error occured during setup. Server should be ready to stream

[MSG] Closing connection ...

[MSG] Connection closed


It seems to be working now. Thanks !

I hope that it will last longer than on the previous attempt.

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Team: FRAGmenFOU (=FmF=)

Account ID: 3246

Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 1)




Server List


BF2 - (Streaming)



So far so good :)

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