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server deactived


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Seems that the server: keeping deactivated all the time.

It was first a cod: waw server but changed in cod4 server.

don't know if that is related to keeping deactivated all the time.



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Did you delete the server from the Server Manager and re-add it as a CoD4 one?

MSi says you didn't, so that's the reason... If a server would stream as the wrong game, data from the wrong game would be added to the MPi and that would cause a lot of confusion.


Go to http://www.pbbans.com/account/server.php . Delete the server and re-add it as a cod4 one.




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As Pisi said, you must remove servers and re-add them under the new game type if you are switching game types. Otherwise the hub will simply deactivate them.


I have done this for you this time, however in future you can do this yourself by following the links provided. You may want to check which server flags you have selected :)

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