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What does this mean?


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Anyone enlighten me on what this means:


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Server used to bring up the whole list a few sec after entering the game now all it does is that :huh: does this mean it's not scanning for all the cvars/md5 checks in my pbsv.cfg ? Sorry for sounding like a nimrod but when you dont know you gotta ask right :P


Cheers AcE :)

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Its new to sof2 pb servers(is in cod's pb for a bit now), since the cvar list tends to be bigger and bigger, there is now a limit of lines of check the pb server will show in the console, like it says, if you want to see all the cvars, you type /pb_cvarlist. The main goal is not to overload the console and maybe create lags for a sec for client with lesser pc and/or connection.

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