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Modern WarFAIL 2 - HELP!


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We've all probably heard by now, the disappointing news that Modern Warfare 2 is going to suck, HARD.


With no dedicated servers, and no mods, Infinity Ward have certainly screwed this game up beyond repair. They've removed all petitions from their site, and have banned several hundred members from their site because of their anger issues :S


All I can say is, dont remain silent and show your support. We've all waited ages for the game, and a month from release they tell us it's going to be sh*t? Hows about release a BETA and show us...People have pre-ordered their servers, pre-ordered their games which they may now not want, in future, maybe let us know before we waste our time and money?


If you want to help us out and show your support, then please do the following.

Sign the huge online petition here:



And join the X-Fire ' CoD6 Failz Community here:



Lets try and get this heap of sh*t sorted out.

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