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  1. injuneer

    Battlefield 3

    You can go back to BF2 and have the L85 for free. Paying for a shitty 16 player mappack just to get a new gun that will play the same as the rest of them is just insane.
  2. injuneer

    Battlefield 3

    I don't play BF3 now due to it feeling too CODish, I'm certainly not going to buy a COD mappack for a BF game.
  3. injuneer

    Battlefield 3

    If you can stay connected to the internet, your router is not the issue.
  4. Nick, I think you guys over at EB need to all get on the same page. Here we have one PB Staff saying it is not allowed while another is saying he is currently using it. I really think it would piss a lot of players off to suddenly be banned for using something that an EB staff is using himself without warning.
  5. injuneer

    EVGA GTX 580 Newegg Sale

    Not to mention, the only 580 that is on sale is 1.5gb VRam version. HD7950 is 3GB on all models.
  6. injuneer

    EVGA GTX 580 Newegg Sale

    LOL at Nvidia trying to curb the 7950 sales.
  7. injuneer

    Feds Shut Down Megaupload.com

    Looks like they are now thinking twice about a bill such as SOPA http://mashable.com/2012/01/20/sopa-is-dead-smith-pulls-bill/
  8. injuneer

    Battlefield 3

    I don't think my clan is planning on cancelling servers just yet, but as far as myself playing the game, I've played a whopping 5 minutes over the last 3 weeks. IMO, the game play just flat out sucks. Most maps feel like I am back on COD again. DICE bragged about these huge maps they have created and then crammed all of the flags into the center of the map. Like stated above, for a "PC first" title, I don't very much in the way of a "PC" game. Hell, you guys chose to put XBOX controls in where we should have joystick support, PS3 gets teh B2K pack a week before PC?. WTF is that?
  9. injuneer

    Battlefield 3

    This is what happens when stats become the most important part of a game. Our clan had just started getting our server VERY popular and now we will be throwing our money down the shitter. Thanks DICE.
  10. injuneer

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    As long as the moronic sheeple keep lining up at the door on release day, why should they change anything?
  11. injuneer

    BF3 doing well despite MW3 release (PC)

    It's actually pretty unbelievable the people keep paying full price for a new DLC every year. As long as the suckers continue to line up at the door, COD will progress from what it is and always has been.
  12. injuneer

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    I stopped buying COD titles with WaW. Just can't justify buying the same game over and over again
  13. injuneer

    Battlefield 3

    We have already canceled our server with Wolfservers as it was unplayable. Even with only 5-8 players on, the lag and crashes were ridiculous. That company used to be very good until AoWC took over. Unfortunately for us, they will not refund us for what we aren't going to use.
  14. injuneer

    ProCon Beta with BF3 Support

    What is the admin port for BF3?
  15. injuneer

    Battlefield 3

    In other words, they don't much give a shit what the community wants to see in games they are paying for.

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