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could some 1 tell me what a game hook is. pb keeps kicking some1 for this and i assume it is a cheat of some sort but i dont know for sure. i checked his guid and it seems to b banned here for game hook.



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Not to contradict Big_Guy21, as he is correct in the part where hooks can be a part of a cheat. There are legit programs that use them too. See Ventrilo overlay, for example, or X-Fire overlay as well as programs like EVGA's precision tool, to name a few. There are others. Many cheat-coders use the same/similar hooks to allow their cheat-menus to show over the game-screen so that alterations to the settings can be made on the fly, or to otherwise alter the game-play in some way. If this player is a regular on your server and forums, have him turn off any third-party software that may be causing his kicks, and see if the problem goes away.



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thanks roadwarrior


have another question for u about something that happened tonite. its about the md5 tool thingy . im 110% that the person concerned is not a cheat but they were kicked for 2 minutes for this md5 tool queries and some of the posts i have read about the md5 thing say it is a cheat. any ideas if this is a cheat or can it b something else.



Kick Command Issued (Ignoring MD5Tool Queries)


that is wot it says on the game server file when i went to check wot had happened to this player. but for the last 2 nites pb has been kicking ppl of the server in fact it emptied the server by kicking 23 ppl in 1 go.



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Ignoring MD5Tool Queries means that the PB client is not responding to the server's md5tool requests. This is usually due to lag or an old PB installation. This is not cheat-related.




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