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streamed servers prob.


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I have a cod4 key witch is a legal key and I can play on all normal servers with pb enabled. But when I enter a streamed server it sais: You are permanently banned from this server by the server Admin.

This means I am on one of the pbbanlists.

Because I always played for fun I didn't think this was a big problem. But since me and my mate wanted to play on clanbase ladders it has become a problem. But I never hacked in my life, dont even know how it works. I also really dont now how I got the on the list. As far as I know no one else had my cod4- key.( there are not more people playing on it) I have lots of demo's and my x-ray anti-cheat channel etc etc. to prove I dont hack and never have so.

My pb guid:9f0821fd

my XAC guid: 00000122dab9025fbc5a6110000a95db0462a7b3

plz gimme some help,



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Your key has been leaked and used in 3 countries *(US, UK, NL) with the US player raising the violations.

Format your PC, get a decent AV (Eset Nod32 is my preference) and buy yourself a new CD Key. I believe Steam are doing CoD4 are knock down prices at the moment.

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Do yourself a favour though, seriously, either get you machine formatted or do a thorough scan with a good AV and malware package. If you need a trial key for Nod32 I can give you a 30 day one, and Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is free.

No point throwing good money after bad, as if you system is still compromised it won't be long before you new key ends up on the master ban index.

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