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I have a question and a problem and I want to fix it. In July I registered an account with this user name and same display name. I filled out all info required and I didn't pay attention to everything. I filled out all the clan infor and server info with my )BIA( clan and its server IP. Well apperiently I applied for a streaming account. What I need is a regular account so I can be added to our clans account with extended PBBANS access. But what I need for that is my forum ID number, but I can not locate it.



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By going to your profile. Your forum user ID will be in the uri.

To go to your own profile, you can either click your username/picture on a post you've made or on the picture/username on the widget at the very top of the forum. ;)


For example: when I go to your profile, the uri will be:


The red part is your forum user ID. ^^




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